By Paula @ Holiday World

Temperatures up heading up toward 90 this week.

And the dummies are heading up Mammoth's lifthill.

These "dummies" get to ride a bunch of laps before the rest of us do.

Please note: The rather unusual "restraints" are there because the dummies can't hold themselves on – we humans will hold on tight, plus our center of gravity – ahem! our rumps – will keep us safely in place.

Here's a dummies-eye-view of Mammoth:

Mammoth opens May 11.

Are you planning to ride the world's longest water coaster this season?

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7 Responses to “Who you callin’ a dummy?!”

  1. Mickey

    I’d never refer to one of my relatives as a dummy, thats not being kind , if one would ever call in sick, .I’d be more than willing to take his or her place.

  2. luv

    Im going to holiday world in like 2 weeks:) if you buy a ticket is that like free admission to all the rides? Oh and i bringing $40 if that helps:)

  3. Eli I. Hopf

    Wow, you guys sure respect the dummies, letting them ride first and all.Don’t they deserve a better name?

  4. Mary

    I am coming to holiday world with NMMS on Monday May 21st, I am afraid of heights (falling from heights) how do I know I won’t fall out of the raft on an intertube? I am scared

  5. HoliBlog

    Yes, your admission into the park includes rides, the water park, shows and, of course, soft drinks!

  6. HoliBlog

    Hi Mary –
    Have you learned about “center of gravity” in school yet? If not, maybe you could ask your science teacher. Since we sit low on the rafts, our center of gravity is very low – and as long as you hold on and don’t fool around you won’t have any problem riding. Have fun!