By Paula @ Holiday World

Another opening day is coming to an end. Our 66th. Had fun tweeting about it:

I don't remember the last time we reached 90 degrees on Opening Day (and this is not a reference to Voyage's three sections of 90-degree track!).

Actually it was 92 degrees ..

Speaking of Voyage, this young lady was thrilled to have grown enough over the winter months to take on Raven, Liberty Launch, Legend, and …

I caught young Kimberly, from Ferdinand, in mid-hop in this photo (or, technically, mid-hop-prep-crouch), but rest assured she hit the 48-inch mark with a tiny bit to spare.

Kimberly was one happy six year old and couldn't wait to ride again.

Here's another tweet from today:

And here's another moment of whimsy (easy for me to say!) from my day:

We enjoyed another day with our Travel Channel crew (the show will air sometime in July – we'll let you know). This tickled me enough to tweet yet again:

We'll do it all again tomorrow … and then again – on a daily basis – starting Friday.

Thanks, in advance, to all who join us this season for fun and family time.


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3 Responses to “Measured success”

  1. judi hardesty

    This is the first time I havd missed opening day in years. My dad died last week and I was too sad to make the drive. I plan to be there next week. My sweet aunt gave me money to buy my pass, as my birthday was on dad’s viewing day. Thank you for having a happy place to forget troubles, if only for a few hours.

  2. HoliBlog

    So sorry about your dad’s passing. Hope your happy memories will lighten your sorrow.

  3. luv

    Im going to holiday world and im soooooooooo excited! I mean serioously! You have free drinks,free sunscreen,a clean park, and there’s rides for everyone!