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Dan's been pretty excited about adding cabanas this season. Folks have been asking for them for years, and we finally made it happen.

Opening day at Splashin' Safari, long before the waves were turned on, I heard Dan's voice over the 2-way, calling to IT to add a song to the water-park's music rotation: Barry Manilow's Copacabana.

I had a feeling I knew where he was at the time.

Sure enough, a few hours later when the music kicked on, the first song had a driving disco beat.

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl …

The first family to rent one of our Bahari River Cabanas is pictured below. Mike, Debra, and Stephen T. from Marion, Illinois, were kind enough to let us snap a photo of them.

First family to enjoy a cabana

Peek inside the cabana and you'll see how large the lockable cabinet is. There's a mini-fridge in the other corner.

Click here for more cabana information, including how to make a reservation.

They were young and they had each other    Who could ask for more?

Mirrored disco ball not included.


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