By Paula @ Holiday World

It's so sweet to see Mrs. Koch empty her pockets after spending the morning at our front gate, greeting Guests. There's always something interesting …

Some of the smaller visitors bring her heartfelt gifts.

It may be a simple message:

Love note to the park

… or intricate artwork, such as this masterpiece from young Cale:

Cale's artwork

… or even a copy of a photo from long ago.

Mrs. Koch howled with laughter looking at each child in this Santa Claus Land photo from 1965, wondering what her father (Santa Jim) might have said to cause such a reaction:

1965 photo

That little fellow in the foreground is getting the heck out of there!

Thank you to all who've shared your photos, drawings, greetings and hugs with Mrs. Koch over the many years. You're truly appreciated!


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