By Paula @ Holiday World

Ain't technology grand?

Photography used to mean you shot a roll of 12 or 24 snapshots and took the film to the drugstore to have it developed.

It might be a week or more before your vacation photos came back.


Now, it's more or less instantaneous.

And of course video is just about unbelievable to anyone who's been around long enough to remember shooting Super 8 film.

A super-fun part of video is shooting POV. The acronym POV stands for Point of View, meaning "what the rider sees." When you watch a POV video of our rides, you just might feel that "tickle in my tummy" sensation of G forces!

Nathan put together this video showing you the ins and outs of our new Mammoth, including some up-close-and-personal POV footage. Hope you enjoy watching it!


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