Weather or not

After whining about no rain all summer, how the worm hath turned.

Now we're all just wishing Hurricane Isaac wouldn't come for a visit over the holiday weekend.

Rainbow over Holiday WorldBut the weather forecast doesn't appear to be cooperating, so we want to be sure to answer your questions about what happens when it rains, storms, and hurricanes (although I'm not sure hurricane is meant to be a verb).

If you've been here on a rainy day, you know we stay open in the rain. The rides work just fine and apparently our coasters are a whole new, crazy experience.

We don't mess around when it comes to lightning. We monitor approaching storms carefully, and if the lightning gets close, we temporarily close first the taller rides and, if the storm gets closer, the rest of the rides and shows.

As soon as the storm moves out of our area, each ride is inspected for safety and then reopened.

During a storm, some Guests head to their cars and go back to their hotels for a nap. Or maybe over to the Santa Claus Museum for a visit. Others hang out in our indoor restaurants and shops. Still others call it a day. (We just want to be sure you know you have options while waiting out the storms.)

With the approach of Hurricane Isaac, let's talk about how high winds create another challenge for us. If it gets too gusty on Saturday (September 1), we may have to close HallowSwings, Eagle's Flight, Sparkler, and Revolution, plus the Dive! high-dive show. For obvious reasons, right?

For future reference, when you're wondering about Rain and Ride Closures, please take a look on the Rules & Service page here on our website.

And maybe look on the bright (if overcast) side: when the weather forecast is not the best, our lines tend to be very short!

“For the kids …”

There's never a dull moment on Twitter.

We see lots of tweets from families planning to visit and later sharing photos of their children happily hugging Holidog or madly licking their dripping Udderly Blue ice cream cone.

We see tweets of professed love for friends who include them in their park visit and snarky comments from those whose parental units have grounded them.

There are imploring tweets for us to add a steel coaster and wistful tweets about wanting to live inside Holiday World.

This morning, it was fun to see a tweet from a long-ago Foods employee who graduated with my oldest son back in 2003. Wes apparently is now a parental unit himself:

It's good to see Wes's wry sense of humor has survived the decade since he was writing silly song lyrics to entertain his crew.

Here, by the way, is that POV (point-of-view) video of Voyage:

It’s not *always* all about us

This is a repost from 11/29/08, when social media was just taking off:

There's a really cool Twitter application called "TweetBeep."

Basically, it's a real-time search function. I signed up and asked it to send me an email to let me know any time someone tweets about Holiday World. (Twitter, as you may recall, is a "microblogging" program. You're limited to a maximum of 140 characters for each post, or "tweet.") It's helpful, as it directs me to folks who are talking about or asking questions about Holiday World.

I try not to barge in on conversations, but sometimes it feels appropriate and is welcomed.

I think I'll leave this one alone, though: As if to welcome me back to the post-holiday world, the cat puked as soon as I got up.

What in the World? revealed

Earlier this month, Adam from Terre Haute won two tickets for correctly guessing that the rather odd photo we posted on the HoliBlog was the under-construction Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure in the Holiday Theater.

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

Here are a few more construction photos.

As I understand it, we'll wear 3D glasses for this adventure and will walk through, among other colorful scenes, a spinning tunnel.

Under construction

Here's the tunnel from a different angle. There will also be a forest and a "wacky house."

We'll be helping Holidog find his missing candy treasure, by the way. Hope he shares.

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

Planning for Happy Halloween Weekends has been going on for more than a year.

Eric, our special events director, looked particularly spiffy in his neon green 3D glasses during one meeting. (That's IT Joe in the blue.)

Groovy 3D glasses

Please visit our website for more information about Happy Halloween Weekends, which will run Saturdays and Sundays in October.


Together, we’ll Rock the World

In just two days we plan to keep the deer and raccoons up a little later than usual.

… it's our first Rock the World concert.

For a complete line-up of the regional bands which will perform during the day in our Hoosier Celebration Theater (in our 4th of July), please check the day's schedule.

Of course, both parks will have rides and slides going during regular park hours.

And toward the end of the afternoon, wristband-wearing concert-goers will head to the Main Stage area at the northeast corner of the park (head to Pilgrims Plunge and then follow the signs).

Here's what the Main Stage will look like:

Rock the World's Main Stage design

The six hours of Main Stage performances will begin with our own Rejoice! singers:

… followed by Cincinnati's Mosteller, Paducah's Hearts of Saints, BarlowGirl, Tenth Avenue North and then our headliner:

Jeremy Camp.

Here's a sneak peek:

Jeremy Camp is a native Hoosier and is a Grammy-nominated Christian rock artist.

Check here for more information and to order park and concert tickets.

Hope you can join us!

Auditions for ‘Graveyard Smash’ – our new Halloween show


Have you heard we're launching Happy Halloween Weekends in October?

In addition to rides, Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure, a trick or treat trail, hay rides, tractor rides, and incredible corn mazes (okay, so we'll use any excuse to post this photo) …

Corn Mazes - weekends in October

… we will also have themed entertainment.

Enter our new show: Graveyard Smash.

This family-friendly show will feature popular tunes with some fun new lyrics and lots of high-energy dancing.

Are you up for it? Auditions are Sunday, August 26, from 1pm to 4pm CT in Holiday World's Employee Services building (the big red building off of State Road 162 on the east side of the park).

Here's what you need to know:

  • We're looking for singers and dancers with lots of energy
  • We plan to cast five male and five female singers/dancers plus some "streetmosphere" entertainers
  • Rehearsals begin Labor Day Weekend
  • Performances are weekends in October
  • Please prepare a two-minute upbeat tune to sing (we'll provide a CD player)
  • Dress comfortably – we'll teach you a group dance number

Have we scared you away yet? Of course not! Auditions are fun and relaxing, right?

Oh, and when you get to our door … be sure to tell them Boris sent you!


What in the World?

Just because our daily season is nearing the end (we're open daily through August 19, then weekends-only), doesn't mean the work slows down.

These guys are working hard on something.

So what is this?

What are they building?

If you can figure out what they're building and where, you could win two one-day tickets for this season.

Regular rules apply: No employees or immediate family of employees; must be 13 or older.

Got a good guess? Email it to us:

The first person to correctly guess what they're building and where they're building it wins!