By Paula @ Holiday World

There's never a dull moment on Twitter.

We see lots of tweets from families planning to visit and later sharing photos of their children happily hugging Holidog or madly licking their dripping Udderly Blue ice cream cone.

We see tweets of professed love for friends who include them in their park visit and snarky comments from those whose parental units have grounded them.

There are imploring tweets for us to add a steel coaster and wistful tweets about wanting to live inside Holiday World.

This morning, it was fun to see a tweet from a long-ago Foods employee who graduated with my oldest son back in 2003. Wes apparently is now a parental unit himself:

It's good to see Wes's wry sense of humor has survived the decade since he was writing silly song lyrics to entertain his crew.

Here, by the way, is that POV (point-of-view) video of Voyage:

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