By Paula @ Holiday World

After whining about no rain all summer, how the worm hath turned.

Now we're all just wishing Hurricane Isaac wouldn't come for a visit over the holiday weekend.

Rainbow over Holiday WorldBut the weather forecast doesn't appear to be cooperating, so we want to be sure to answer your questions about what happens when it rains, storms, and hurricanes (although I'm not sure hurricane is meant to be a verb).

If you've been here on a rainy day, you know we stay open in the rain. The rides work just fine and apparently our coasters are a whole new, crazy experience.

We don't mess around when it comes to lightning. We monitor approaching storms carefully, and if the lightning gets close, we temporarily close first the taller rides and, if the storm gets closer, the rest of the rides and shows.

As soon as the storm moves out of our area, each ride is inspected for safety and then reopened.

During a storm, some Guests head to their cars and go back to their hotels for a nap. Or maybe over to the Santa Claus Museum for a visit. Others hang out in our indoor restaurants and shops. Still others call it a day. (We just want to be sure you know you have options while waiting out the storms.)

With the approach of Hurricane Isaac, let's talk about how high winds create another challenge for us. If it gets too gusty on Saturday (September 1), we may have to close HallowSwings, Eagle's Flight, Sparkler, and Revolution, plus the Dive! high-dive show. For obvious reasons, right?

For future reference, when you're wondering about Rain and Ride Closures, please take a look on the Rules & Service page here on our website.

And maybe look on the bright (if overcast) side: when the weather forecast is not the best, our lines tend to be very short!

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6 Responses to “Weather or not”

  1. Kimberly Davis

    I was just wondering what was the weather like in march i wanted to bring my son for his bday next year

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      If you’re wanting to visit the park, we don’t open until early May. We usually have some of our shortest lines of the season in May though!