This season’s hottest accessory …

Free glasses for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure… is this snazzy pair of 3D glasses you'll get just before you enter Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure.

This new attraction opens October 6, on the first day of Happy Halloween Weekends.

The walk-through attraction is in our Holiday Theater in the Christmas Plaza. It's family friendly – no hideous zombies will chase after you, promise!

This colorful fellow won't chase you, either – but he may reach out to you …

Interactive tree at Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

We're just a week away from the start of Happy Halloween Weekends (please click on the link for more information, including how to order discounted tickets online). We hope you'll join us!

A gourd by any other name

Do you remember the first time you saw a gourd?

Did you think it was a "pumpkin reject"?

I did.

My mom always loved decorating for autumn and Halloween. The first time she brought home these little gnarly pumpkin-cousins, I thought maybe there was a pumpkin shortage.

Mom assured me these were the first step in her decorating plans – and that she'd take me with her to pick out our pumpkin-for-carving.

Gourds for Happy Halloween Weekends

We never got this fancy with our carving, but a talented fellow posted this on our Facebook page last fall; it's worthy of praise and a re-post, don't you think?

Raven pumpkinAnother wonderful Halloween tradition is dressing up in costume.

And yes, that will be part of Happy Halloween Weekends.

In keeping with our G-rated park atmosphere, we do have a few rules for costume-wearers:

1. Family-friendly only, please – no blood, guts, gore, or revealing costumes

2. No weapons (real or fake)

3. No masks

When riding rides, you will need to remove any capes, hats, wigs, handheld props/accessories and anything else that might change the shape of your body or height.

So are you planning to visit is in costume next month? What will you be?


Counting pumpkins

Neither torrential rain nor ear-splitting thunder nor hide-under-your-desk lightning kept our Pumpkin Delivery Man from his appointed rounds this morning.

Loads and loads of pumpkins!

Happy Halloween Weekends start October 6

So … how many pumpkins do you think we ordered?

Guess the exact number correctly and you could win two one-day tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends.

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee or immediate family member of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari or the Pumpkin Delivery Man.

3. Yes, you may enter more than once. But five times is the limit, okay? And only one guess per email, please.

4. First person to hit the correct number wins. If no one guesses the exact number of pumpkins, we'll go with whoever came closest but didn't go over the correct number. (So I guess that means we need to set a deadline … okay, Monday at noon. That's 10/1/12 at 12 noon CDT.)

How to enter? Must be by email and to this address:

Good luck! And we hope you can join us, weekends in October, for Happy Halloween Weekends!

Brushing up on skills

So what do you do when you're a lifeguard and the water park is closed for the season?

You look for other ways to make yourself invaluable.

Lifeguards learning to face-paint for Happy Halloween Weekend

And what might be a valuable skill to have for our upcoming Happy Halloween Weekends?

Face-painting, of course!

The gentleman in the above photo is Gary Cole from a company called Snazaroo. (Although he shares the name with a famous actor, our face-painting teacher didn't look at all like the actor who creeped me out so badly in Fatal Vision that I didn't sleep through the night for weeks. He looks more like Tony Randall in a Doris Day movie, don't you think?)

Here's Gary at work, demonstrating his craft on Anna:

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

Anna's sister Mary was next…

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

… and the youngest of the three sisters, Ellen, was transformed into a beautiful, bejeweled butterfly.

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

Next, their daddy stepped up to the brush. (With great face paint comes great … um, photogenicability?)

Face-painting at Happy Halloween Weekend

Here's Katie all pretty in pink … with her lovely dragon matching her shirt and hair bow.

Face-painting at Happy Halloween Weekends

Our best Face Painting Artists will be on hand throughout Happy Halloween Weekends (at Good Ol' Days Picnic Grove – which we're transforming into Goblin Grove) to paint your favorite little (or big) faces for $4.95 plus tax each. Goblin Grove will also include free activities, such as trick-or-treating and pumpkin painting for those 12 and younger. We'll have a Halloween magic show, too, and much more!

A connection with community

Pat Koch and Edmond TalucciMrs. Koch was the humbled recipient of an award this morning.

It was a surprise. Her younger daughter, Natalie, somehow finagled getting Mrs. Koch away from the front gate this morning in order to attend the ceremony.

The award is from the Crisis Connection here in southern Indiana. They're all about zero tolerance toward violence of any kind – and helping those who are victim to it.

Mrs. Koch and her family have long supported Crisis Connection and its efforts to help those who need an advocate to help them find a better way to live.

Above, Edmond Talucci, the president of Crisis Connection, presents Mrs. Koch with this year's Community Award.


Kitty’s in 3D!

Amid all the planning for Happy Halloween Weekends this year, it was fun adding a new friend to our Holidog & Friends line-up.

Kitty Claws was such a hit this summer that she's even part of the new Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure. Here she is in 3D:

Kitty Claws in 3D

Kitty will also be featured in Pumpkin Up (a talking pumpkins show) and will host her own Dance Party during our October weekends (check here for the show schedule).

Kitty even makes an appearance in this Happy Halloween Weekends video:

Hope you can join us – we think Happy Halloween Weekends will be the purrrrfect way to spend an October weekend!

If you’re looking for terrifying zombies …

Happy Halloween Weekends tree … then you're barking up the wrong tree!

We like to think of ourselves as family-friendly  – a "G rated" park, if you will. And Happy Halloween Weekends will be the same.

This happy (and somewhat dentally disadvantaged) fellow arrived yesterday.

We'll call him Woodrow for now.

He arrived pale as a ghost, but let's go out on a limb and predict he just needs a little paint before he's ready to take his place in Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure.

Woodrow is an interactive tree, but we don't expect him to pitch any apples (a la Wizard of Oz) at anyone. He'll have lots of fun with children of all ages who visit us weekends in October.

We hope you'll join us!


Halloween is coming!

Here comes autumn …

Happy Halloween Weekends window Each day the evidence is more clear.

The overnight temps dropped into the 40s and it won't be long before there's "frost on the pumpkins."

The cornstalk decorations for Happy Halloween Weekends arrive today … and soon we'll take delivery of straw bales and pumpkins.

Foods is concocting a Pumpkin Funnel Cake recipe, plus Apple Pie Fudge and Chili Soup will be added to our menus in October. We'll even have chicken nuggets in Halloween shapes!

Vanessa and the merchandise crew are decorating the shops with ghosts and pumpkins. And our Games even have some themed prizes.

Themed shows will include a stage show called Graveyard Smash, a magic show, and a talking pumpkin show called Pumpkin Up. We'll even have a Halloween-themed laser light show on Saturdays and Kitty Claws Dance Party on Sundays.

Our show/activity schedule is posted here on the Happy Halloween Weekends page of our website

Steady as she goes …

"The vortex is in motion!"

Well, it didn't take a second call on the two-way radio for Nathan and Amanda to grab cameras and dash over to the Holiday Theater to witness for themselves the grand finale of Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure in action.

Here's Amanda (complete with glowing headband and wobbily knees) trying to steady herself after walking through the whirling vortex while wearing 3D glasses:

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

Happy Halloween Weekend premiere October 6. Hope you can come take a spin!