By Paula @ Holiday World

So what do you do when you're a lifeguard and the water park is closed for the season?

You look for other ways to make yourself invaluable.

Lifeguards learning to face-paint for Happy Halloween Weekend

And what might be a valuable skill to have for our upcoming Happy Halloween Weekends?

Face-painting, of course!

The gentleman in the above photo is Gary Cole from a company called Snazaroo. (Although he shares the name with a famous actor, our face-painting teacher didn't look at all like the actor who creeped me out so badly in Fatal Vision that I didn't sleep through the night for weeks. He looks more like Tony Randall in a Doris Day movie, don't you think?)

Here's Gary at work, demonstrating his craft on Anna:

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

Anna's sister Mary was next…

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

… and the youngest of the three sisters, Ellen, was transformed into a beautiful, bejeweled butterfly.

Face-painting for Happy Halloween Weekends

Next, their daddy stepped up to the brush. (With great face paint comes great … um, photogenicability?)

Face-painting at Happy Halloween Weekend

Here's Katie all pretty in pink … with her lovely dragon matching her shirt and hair bow.

Face-painting at Happy Halloween Weekends

Our best Face Painting Artists will be on hand throughout Happy Halloween Weekends (at Good Ol' Days Picnic Grove – which we're transforming into Goblin Grove) to paint your favorite little (or big) faces for $4.95 plus tax each. Goblin Grove will also include free activities, such as trick-or-treating and pumpkin painting for those 12 and younger. We'll have a Halloween magic show, too, and much more!

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