By Paula @ Holiday World

Do you remember the first time you saw a gourd?

Did you think it was a "pumpkin reject"?

I did.

My mom always loved decorating for autumn and Halloween. The first time she brought home these little gnarly pumpkin-cousins, I thought maybe there was a pumpkin shortage.

Mom assured me these were the first step in her decorating plans – and that she'd take me with her to pick out our pumpkin-for-carving.

We never got this fancy with our carving, but a talented fellow posted this on our Facebook page last fall; it's worthy of praise and a re-post, don't you think?

Another wonderful Halloween tradition is dressing up in costume.

And yes, that will be part of Happy Halloween Weekends.

In keeping with our G-rated park atmosphere, we do have a few rules for costume-wearers:

1. Family-friendly only, please – no blood, guts, gore, or revealing costumes

2. No weapons (real or fake)

3. No masks

When riding rides, you will need to remove any capes, hats, wigs, handheld props/accessories and anything else that might change the shape of your body or height.

So are you planning to visit is in costume next month? What will you be?


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One Response to “A gourd by any other name”

  1. Dotti B.

    I won’t be able to make it this fall but since I’ve been helping some “big kids” (college age) with putting together good costumes, I wanted to toss out a reminder. Modern costumes- the ones you buy off the racks at the store- might as well be made of tissues. The material is really thin, so besides for not lasting through the wash it won’t keep out wind or rain. October can be quite chilly and rainy in the Mid-west (especially after dark). Of course, it’s no fun to wear a coat because it blocks your costume, so try to either make a coat part of the outfit or make sure the costume is roomy enough to wear clothes underneath.