Peeking ahead to October

The clock on the wall is ticking ever more loudly as we get closer and closer to our first-ever Happy Halloween Weekends event. In the coming days, we'll show you some of the "extras" we have planned for the four weekends in October.

Our elves are super busy.

Let's start with Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure (inside our Holiday Theater).

There are loads of pieces to this cool 3D-and-black-light Halloween attraction (see, there's that ticking clock in the upper right-hand corner):

Construction for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure is under

The colors are vivid, so when the black lights come on and the 3D glasses are on your noggin, the scenes will come alive!

Under-construction Holidog's 3D Adventure

Here's my favorite photo from this group. The black lights are suspended from the ceiling and the walls for the walk-through are being put into place.

Under-construction Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

There's information about ticket discounts plus lots more here on our Happy Halloween Weekends page. Hope you'll join us in October!

Who you gonna call?

Look at what Games Director Erin has had up her sleeve for Happy Halloween Weekends:

Slimer is the big, slimey prize at Ring Toss this fall

This is the top prize at Ring Toss this fall. Congrats to Dustin, left, from Paoli who scored a slimey new friend today.

We'll show you other fun Halloween-themed prizes, foods, shows, attractions and more as we get closer to Happy Halloween Weekends.