By Paula @ Holiday World

Hoping to win two one-day tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends?

Be the first to identify what's going on in this photo and they're yours! (You must be at 13 years old and not an employee of the park or the immediate family member of one to enter.)

We'll tell you who – it's Vanessa and Chris.

We'll tell you when – today.

You need to tell us what and where. One easy statment – leave it as a comment at the bottom of this HoliBlog post. Your email address will be hidden when you post your guess so we can easily reach the winner (don't leave your email, phone number or other private info in your "comment," please – just your guess).

Just one guess (what are they doing – and where?) per email address, please. And don't worry if your comment doesn't show up right away – we use moderated comments here, to keep the naughty posts hidden from sight.

If you win, you just might want to visit this weekend – the Travel Channel will be here! They're working on a show called Halloween's Scariest Thrills (click here for details) and want to feature our two Halloween-themed coasters: Raven and Legend.

Good luck!

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30 Responses to “Another chance to win Halloween tickets”

  1. Sherry

    I’ve never been to Holiday World (that’s why I would love to win the tickets:), but I would say they are in the park getting ready for the Travel Channel’s visit:)

  2. Adam

    Where: Entry plaza
    What: Putting new lights on the Christmas tree to be more suitable for Halloween.

  3. Tammybaucom

    Filming the corn mazes from high atop the trees in Thanksgiving section of park

  4. Josh Ritter

    They’re putting the new Halloween topper on the Christmas tree. Maybe a witch or pumpkin.

  5. sherry ashby

    They are at the raven overlooking it to see the best place to seethe people in there costumes riding the raven

  6. sherry ashby

    The raven
    Overlooking it to see it the best place to see the costumes when people are riding it

  7. candy spring williams

    Vanessa and Chris are putting up lights for halloween for the halloweens scariest thrill show and rides comming up!

  8. Annette R Tackett

    I think they are hanging a giant spider web that lights up and he is about to add a giant spider to it. I think it is located in the plaza.

  9. kim williamson

    They are decorating the christmas tree in the main entrance of holiday world. can’t wait to see

  10. HoliBlog

    Vanessa and Chris were decorating the Christmas tree, making it a Halloween tree (in the Christmas section). They were adding a topper (a spider), but no lights. We’ll email you for your mailing address. Have fun when you visit us for Happy Halloween Weekends!