By Paula @ Holiday World

every day of Happy Halloween Weekends.

Sort of humorous that our pirate in Graveyard Smash is played by a fellow named Sharky.

Graveyard Smash

Graveyard SmashDude can dance, too.

Sharky and his cadre of fellow performers will continue to delight audiences for another two weekends during Happy Halloween Weekends.

Come to think of it, a pirate fits right in here in the town of Santa Claus. After all, pirates have also adopted the catchphrase, "Ho-ho-ho!" right?

Other themed shows during Happy Halloween Weekends are Pumpkin Up, a Halloween Magic Show with Don Baggett, Saturday's Halloween Lasor Light Show, and the Kitty Claws Dance Party. Please check here for the full schedule; once you've seen a show here, you'll be … wait for it … hooked!


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