By Paula @ Holiday World

Couldn't have asked for a prettier fall day for Kitty Claws to visit the University of Southern Indiana and her friend Archie.

Archie? Archibald T. Eagle to be exact.

Kitty made lots of new friends today. Do you recognize any of them?

I think EVIE from Keep Evansville Beautiful is Kitty's favorite new friend.

Lots of human pals, too …

Happy birthday, Archie!

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2 Responses to “A purrfect birthday for Archie”

  1. Sherri Miller

    Thank you for joining us at USI for Archibald’s Birthday Bash. We are very happy that you came to celebrate. We hope that you will be able to come again next year!

  2. Jessica

    I attend USI and I missed Kitty Claws! But looking through these pictures I did see two familiar faces!