By Paula @ Holiday World


As Halloween approaches, you might like to borrow some of these tastefully understated looks from the female cast members of Graveyard Smash.

Leah the Ghostly Wraith advises: "If your eyeliner slips a bit during application – just go with it!"

Leah the ghost

Jazzy, our pink Mummy, says not to worry about covering up the occasional blemish, "I've earned every scar!"


Amanda the Witch explains, "When you're feeling blue, your hair should match your mood."

Amanda the witch

Lauren the Witch advises, "You don't want to blend in with all the other ghouls and go unnoticed. Use glitter – lots of glitter!"

Lauren the Witch

And finally, Kylee the Vampire hints if you stay up all night chasing goblins, don't worry if your eyes look a little bloodshot. "Red is the new black, baby."

Kylee the Vampire

Graveyard Smash is performed several times each day during Happy Halloween Weekends. And as you've come to expect from our shows, these ghouls (and their handsome counterparts) always sing in tomb … er, tune.

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