By Paula @ Holiday World

As you may have noticed, the summer of 2012 was one of the hottest on record.

We sure noticed.

So, from looking around the parks to see where the longest lines were, where the bottlenecks occured, plus listening to your many comments and suggestions, here's a countdown list of how we're spending $6.5 million for next season:

10. Happy Halloween Weekends expand to six weekends, starting in mid-September

9. New entry plaza for Splashin' Safari plus 16 more cabanas

8. New after-dark light show for summer nights

7. Misters and fans, plus more shade and seating throughout both parks

6. Kitty's Tea Party – a classic tea-cup family ride in Holidog's FunTown

5. Pilgrims Plunge "moving" to Splashin' Safari with a new name: Giraffica

4. See below

3. See below

2. See below

RhinoBlaster!1. Hyena Falls! Four new in-the-dark water slides, ranging from 300- to 350-feet long and with drops up to 50 feet! One of the slides includes a really cool half-pipe feature near the base of the drop. Have a blast on these fast, dark, double-inner tube slides!

We've set up a ConstructionCam on the side of Pilgrims Plunge … er, Giraffica … so you can watch construction of Hyena Falls. This northeast portion of the park, by the way, will be the future site of expansion for both parks. Stay tuned as we add incredible new rides to both parks in years to come!


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