By Paula @ Holiday World

This email choked me up – thanks to Chris for letting us post it:

Dear Holiday World and Splashin' Safari,
Like most people who grew up in Southern Indiana, I grew up visiting "Santa Claus Land." My family visited very rarely back then, as I had a very modest upbringing. In my adult years, I have enjoyed coming back to HW/SS year after year with my family. I've never been much of a "rider," but I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and some of the calmer, gentler rides – and watching my niceces and nephews enjoy the park. In all those years of visiting, I would ride the Raven several times and the Legend once (I really am a big chicken), but never the Voyage – despite the urging of my family and friends.
Chris from Jeffersonville takes a VoyageIn late 2010, I began chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments – so I missed the 2011 season at Holiday World and Spashin' Safari. I am please to report, however, that I'm nearly my old self again – and a few weeks ago I finally conquered The Voyage. I figured if I could survive cancer treatment, I could certainly survive whatever a top-class wooden roller coaster could dish out.  It was the most liberating, exhilerating, fantastic experience of my life! A couple years ago I would not have even considered riding, but this year I knew I had to. It was significant for me to step out of my comfort zone and face what I feared. I felt compelled to write and say thank you for this emotional experience … and for all you do for our region. 
I can't wait to see you again in 2013!
Thank you so much!!
Chris C.
Jeffersonville, Indiana

P.S. Here's my photo from the Voyage (that's me in the back holding on with all my might).

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