By Paula @ Holiday World

You never know what Nathan is going to come back with when he's been out in the park with our camera.

"You won't believe who was out at the front gate!"

Oh, no – did someone think we were open today?

"Apparently so … and they jumped a fence!"

Santa's reindeer?

Well, we didn't have to call Security about these line jumpers. Santa's reindeer, after all, get free "rein" around the park.

Of course, we had to play with this photo on our Facebook page, with the caption, "Um … the Moose out front should have told you …"

Those who caught the joke – our reference to perhaps the most memorable line from the hilarious 1983 movie "National Lampoon's Vacation" – were delighted.

Everyone else thought I was some kind of moron.

"That's not a moose – that's a deer. Duh!" And that's one of the nicer ones. The spam filter grabbed a few others.


When I posted an explanation, along with an "I feel so old" whine, it was great to see some young-uns chime in that they loved that classic comedy. A few former park employees from facilities around the country even chimed in with stories of their own.

This antlered guest gave us pause as well. If he thinks he's going to get away with that tippy-toe (er … tippy-hoof) business at the Height Measurement Station, he's got another thing coming!

Santa's reindeer


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