By Paula @ Holiday World

Any lovely aromas coming out of your kitchen yet?

It's Thanksgiving week, when nearly everyone tries their hand at baking, roasting and even frying.

Gobbler Getaway's Pie Shop

In our Thanksgiving-themed section, The Voyage tends to grab the glory. According to Travel Channel, it's the "most insane" wooden roller coaster out there, so accolades are rather appropriate.

But another ride, Gobbler Getaway, gets lots of kudos as well.

If you recognize this lady (did you know her name is Abigail?), then you've ridden Gobbler Getaway at least once.

Abigail explains the funky "turkey caller" and tells the story of long ago, in 1875, when Farmer Van Snoodle nearly had to cancel Thanksgiving in the sweet town of Autumn Falls!

Gobbler Getaway's Abigail

Abigail has a photo of her ancestor – Farmer Van Snoodle – above the fireplace in her living room.

Gobbler Getaway's Farmer Van Snoodle

Did you know that little red thingy that hangs over the side of a turkey's beak is called a "snood"? I didn't either.

Wattle they think of next?

Happy Thanksgiving! (I know you're all thankful for the abundance of puns on this blog. Right?)

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