By Paula @ Holiday World

Did you bid?

Our HoliAuction to raise money for the Red Cross fund for SuperStorm Sandy relief got quite lively at the end. Our system's "anti-sniping" feature went into overdrive, adding five minutes to the clock each time a last-minute bid was posted. Talk about a wild ride!

Ultimately, though, there's only one top bidder.

And so we are shipping this box of goodies off to Keith in St. Peters, Missouri.

So who is this guy?

Box of goodies for HoliAuction winner

Keith is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. He's visited 96 parks around the world and has ridden more than 500 roller coasters.

… including The Voyage, one of his favorites.

So when he saw the opportunity to help raise storm-relief funds (top bid was nearly $2,000!) for the Red Cross and to add to his park-memorabilia collection, Keith started bidding.

Dan and Mrs. Koch autographed the hard hat and flags, plus Keith gets four tickets for his park visit next year, commemorative Christmas ornaments, a throw from our 60th anniversary season, a Legend patch from its inaugural year, and even a piece we saved from the old Santa Claus Land tower.

Meanwhile, if you've been meaning to chip in to help with the disaster relief, here's the link to the Red Cross's donation page. Thank you!

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