Holiday T’anks

Construction on our new high-dive tank is moving right along.

It's like graduating from a wading pool to an Olympic swimming pool:

New high-dive pool

In 2013, our high-dive team will have a whole new show custom made for their new pool.

This new tank is 14 feet deep and measures 40 feet by 40 feet.

Remember the old "First five rows will get wet" signs? Wonder what the new signs will say …

This auction is … ribbiting!

Mr. Frog has kept our Games Department hopping for more than 20 years.

Have you played?

HoliAuction for Mr. Frog game

Mr. Frog and his ever-illusive lily pad are looking for a new home. Your lily pad, perhaps?

For the next few days, we're offering a game set from Mr. Frog on our HoliAuction page.

In addition to the game, the winner receives two one-day tickets for 2013.

There's more information about the Mr. Frog HoliAuction here. Here's hopping you win!

Red-and-green letter day

Any little believers in your house?

They're probably getting itchier (as my mom would say) with each passing day as Christmas approaches. It's so hard to wait!

Have they written to Santa yet? It's such a wonderful tradition.

If you plan to be in town this weekend, please stop by the Santa Claus Museum to deliver your letters – or even sit right down and write to Santa during your visit!

Holly the Elf will be there. She'll be sure Santa sees your child's letter and sends a nice letter back.

Amanda the Elf

If you need to mail that letter from home, here's the address: Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579.

Parents, please be sure there's a clearly written return address included.

And if you'd like to add a donation to help pay for postage, the Santa's Elves truly appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all!

Remembering December 7

Bill Koch in Navy 1942

It has been many years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor – the attack that pulled the United States into World War II.

Bill Koch, 1942A young Navy Reserve officer from Santa Claus, Indiana, had been called into active duty just a few months prior. Lt. Commander Bill Koch was sent to Pearl Harbor soon after the bombing. He served as Ship Superintendent, responsible for repairing the hull and structural portions of the ships that were damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Pacific fleet. One of the major ship-repair jobs he was responsible for involved the U.S.S. Indiana.

Today we remember the heroic acts of so many on that day and the months and years following. We honor the lives lost and remember how precious freedom really is.