By Paula @ Holiday World

Our Coaster Cats have quite an expansive work space.

Skylights, even.

Off-season track work

During the winter months, our coaster maintenance technicians – Anthony and Heath are in the above photo – bundle up and head out to perform their off-season track work.

Right now, the crazy curves that race Voyage riders back into the station is getting the attention.

Voyage track workAnd what the heck is Jon up to? He's cut through the eight layers of wooden track (you heard right – eight layers, just like Frosted Mini Wheats) and is per- forming the age-old ritual of out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new. Yes, that's snow on the track.

Voyage track work

The Voyage is 1.2 miles long. It has more "air time" than any other wooden roller coaster.

More tunnels, too.

Last summer, the Travel Channel named Voyage #1 in its "Most Insane Wooden Coasters" special.

Are you craving some night rides on Raven, Legend and Voyage? You might want to look into a special event we are planning for coaster enthusiasts called HoliWood Nights. It's for members of coaster clubs we partner with – so everyone in attendance is "coaster crazy."

Need a Voyage refresher course? Take this virtual ride:

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