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Any French majors out there?

One of the first words students learn in French 101 is “queue.” That’s because it’s a French word commonly used in English as well.

It’s a massive overuse of vowels, as the word is pronounced simply “Q,” just like the letter.

Anyone who’s worked with me over the years knows one of my twitchy bugaboos is the use of the redundant phrase “queue line,” because queue is the French word for line.

Sort of like ATM machine. PIN number.

But I digress.

The uninitiated among us can always tell construction of a new water slide is moving along when the giant pieces of fiberglass move from the initial just-off-the-truck position (as in the foreground of the photo below), to the assembly queue.

Hyena Falls construction

Hyena Falls‘ fiberglass assembly is taking place over by Giraffica (the nation’s tallest water ride, formerly known as Pilgrims Plunge).

One by one, the fiberglass pieces are matched up and bolted together.

Hyena Falls construction

There are some footers visible along the right side of the photo below. Before long we’ll be “swinging fiberglass” from the assembly queue to their permanent position as part of Hyena Falls’ four slides.

Hyena Falls construction assembly queue

Interested in the construction process? Be sure to check out our live ConstructionCam to catch all the action.

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