By Paula @ Holiday World

No we're not blogging about Kitty Claws today.

We're giving you a look at what our Coaster Cats are up to.


Heath and Anthony are up on the structure, working on one of The Voyage's ledgers.

They're making adjustments to some of the ledgers and lean batters located past that last 90-degree section of track. This is being done to smooth out the end of the ride.

Voyage maintenance

What's a ledger? That's the horizontal wooden plank over their heads.

The Voyage

And lean batters are the steel supports that run diagonally from where they're anchored in the ground up to where Anthony and Heath are standing.

Below are two more of our Coaster Cats, Ross and Jon. Most of the gentlemen in our construction and maintenance crews get that "mountain man" look over the winter. Those beards really help keep their faces warm (just ask Santa!).

Ross and Jon

Do you know anyone who might like to join in the fun? We're looking for one more Coaster Cat to complete our crew (er … litter?).

Ross and Jon work on Voyage track

Here's information about how to apply for this full-time, year-round job: We also have full-time positions open in Retail, Accounting, and Special Events.

Some may classify our Coaster Cats as maintenance men and that is technically true. But with a view like this, we think they're also artists.

Voyage art

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