By Paula @ Holiday World

Wednesday morning, we had a surprise snowstorm.

By 8:30, I was tweeting about it:

A bit later, Nathan grabbed a camera and headed out to take these flakey photos.

"Go toward the light!" Heading up Raven's lift hill.

Raven's lift hill

And around the swoop over Lake Rudolph:

Raven's turn over Lake Rudolph

Then back into the station:

Raven station

You can tell how much snow we received by looking on the seats of these benches. (Wonder if that's where the term "benchmark" originated?)

Benches in Halloween

And finally, a look past our Christmas shop to our ever-glowing water tower:

Snowfall on Holiday World

Alas, the snow had melted by mid-afternoon. But it sure was pretty while it lasted.

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