By Paula @ Holiday World

That's our Food & Beverage Director, Jason, in the blue shirt.

Food is his business. Serious business.

Today was yet another day of "tastings" for Jason and his F&B management team.

No matter what he specifically asks the vendors (the Men in Black, above) to bring for sampling, they manage to show up with a few surprises.

Such as …

… this inter- esting concoc- tion.

They called it a "Pot Roast Sundae."

Some folks on our Face- book page got a little bit con- fused about this – thinking we had tipped off the edge of the earth at long last.

No, that's most certainly not meat and ice cream. What you see is meat, potatoes and au jus. In a cup.

So perhaps "sundae" is not the best choice of word.

What do you suggest? Pot Roast Parfait? Meat 'n' Potatoes in a Cup?

And, more importantly, does this look delish to you? We'd love to know what you think!

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5 Responses to “Would this sundae make your visit even more of a fundae?”

  1. Kevin

    Does not sound good at all. I go to amusement parks for amusement park food. This does not fit the bill. (And would not look great on the way out after a few laps on the Raven.)

  2. Dotti B.

    It looks like something you pull out of the fridge on leftover night. I’m sure it’s tasty but meat and mashed potatoes is a meal you sit down to eat (not carry around in a cup).

  3. Brian K

    you know, having a Thanksgiving themed section makes food choices more exciting. I’m very happy to see something like this. Its really no different than at other parks with the fried turkey legs, or to go to a sit down buffet, but you have mashed potatoes AND meat on the go. yes please, I’ll take 2.

    Portable Pot Roast
    Walkin’ Taters (make a meat free variety for vegetarian friends, taters in a cup)

  4. Jodi

    They had something like that at the Illinois state fair. they topped it off with a cherry tomato used to represent a cherry. They were very good and my boys loved them. I would definately purchase