By Paula @ Holiday World

Retirement? What's that?

Sure, we work hard, but this is one heck of a fun place to work. It really is like family.

We do want to take a moment, though, to thank Macy, who has been a familiar smiling face around Santa Claus Land and Holiday World for 45 years. She's decided to retire after four and a half decades.

That's Macy in the middle; Vanessa, our Director of Retail, is on the left and Erin, our Director of Games, on the right. They're dear friends.

Vanessa and Erin recently presented Macy with a shadow box, filled with memories of her years here at the park, many of them working in our shops.

Macy retired after 45 years

Don't be surprised if you see Macy here at the park this summer though. Sure, she's stepped down from her full-time gig, but that doesn't mean she isn't planning a fun little retirement job.

When you see her, just be sure to say hello and ask her how she's enjoying retirement.

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