By Paula @ Holiday World

So what exactly is a “clinker”?

None of these fine gentlemen, of course.

They’re working hard creating the pump pit for our new Hyena Falls.

Hyena Falls pump pit construction

They’re pouring the concrete quite carefully so that it’s even and cures properly.

So who’s at the top end of the long chute?


Why, it’s Gary! He’s in charge of watching for “clinkers.”

Basically, a clinker is a chunk of already-cured concrete which has clung to one of the fins inside the cement mixer.

As a totally unenlightened female, what comes to mind is my KitchenAid mixer – and how I have to stop it mid-mix to scrape the brownie batter off the beaters. (Oh, and to have a taste as well.)

A clinker can be far more serious than a simple lump in the brownie pan. So if Gary misses one of the cured clumps, he hollers, “Clinker!” to warn the crew below to fish out the clump and toss it in the reject pile.

Okay, so now that we’re talking about brownies, I just have to share my recipe for Voyage Extreme Brownies (they’re every bit as extreme as The Voyage!). This recipe will never be called a clinker – promise!

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