By Paula @ Holiday World

We're proud to carry the title of World's Cleanest Park.

But even the cleanest park can get a little dusty over the winter months.

And so, as we gear up for opening day, there's a lot of scrubbing taking place.

Even … inside Gobbler Getaway:

Cleaning the apples at Gobbler Getaway

Here's Brooke, dusting (and, it seems, detailing) every last apple in one of the overflowing baskets in the streets of Autumn Falls.

She has a magical dust cloth, apparently.

Cleaning Gobbler Getaway

Not sure if the expression on this turkey's face is an homage to William Tell

Apple cleaning at Gobble Getaway

… or if he just caught sight of Farmer Van Snoodle shirtless.

Farmer Van Snoodle

That's right, even the characters' clothes are laundered in anticipation of opening day.

Yes, Abigail's, too. (Only she was too modest to be photographed in the altogether.)

Who's the best "turkey caller" in your family?

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