By Paula @ Holiday World

Over the years, we've heard from lots of parents who say they read the HoliBlog with their children on a regular basis.

Aw, thanks.

We also hear from folks who love the behind-the-scenes photos and stories. They want the nuts and bolts information.

Just so we're clear: this post is for that latter group.

Not that we're releasing any sort of industry secret, it's just if your child believes our water slides are powered by magic, you might not want to reveal the following. Not just yet.

First of all, we're not building a jail in Splashin' Safari, but it sort of looks like it from the looks of this photo …

Pumphouse wall

Not a jail cell. Not even a set of old-fashioned pillories or stocks. (Sorry, Security Keith. I'm sure the thought intrigues you.)

We're building walls.

Pump pit construction

The walls are for the pump house for Hyena Falls.

And the pumps are what push the water up to the top of the slides. In this case, four and five stories up.

Of course, now that I take a closer look, that pump pit does have a bit of a dungeon vibe going on, doesn't it?

Pump pit construction

Hyena Falls opens on May 10. Just add water. And a little bit of magic.

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