By Paula @ Holiday World

Congrats to our winners: Cassie C. from Greenwood, Indiana, and Breonna L. from Keavy, Kentucky. They knew that we were the first park in the world to blog – and that April 7 was the eighth anniversary of our first HoliBlog post. They each win two one-day tickets.


Here's a quickie contest that runs through this Sunday night at midnight.

What's the deal with this Sunday?  All we need to know is what the anniversary is, how many years it's been, and why it's significant.

Email us your entry (see link, below) and you could win two one-day tickets.

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee (or his/her immediate family member) of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

3. Only one guess per email address, please. (No multiple entries this time around.) Oh, and though you're welcome to post a guess as a "comment" below, it will not count as an entry. To enter the contest, please follow the instructions in #7, below.

4. If you've won tickets from one of our contests within the past six months, you're not elegible to win. If it's been more than six months – have at it!

5. Judges' decision is final. It always is.

6. First person to email us with the correct answer wins. If you're not first, but you're correct, we'll throw your name in our HoliHat and will hold a drawing for a second winner.

7. How to enter? Must be by email and to this address: (If you win, we'll contact you via email, so please be sure to use an address you check frequently.)

Oh, and this photo is not a hint. It's just a nice picture of Kitty Claws.

Good luck!

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20 Responses to “Contest: What little anniversary is this?”

  1. Stephanie Robinson

    I think I got it!!!! I sent in via email!!! Crossing fingers!!!!

  2. katrina phillips

    April7,2013 is the anniversary of the first park to have a blog. Holiday world was the first park in the world to have a blog. The first blog was on april 7,2005. So this will be 7 years that holiday world has had a blog.

  3. Melissa Reeves

    Holiday World’s 67th season begins May 4; it’s the premiere of Hyena Falls – four new in-the-dark water slides – is May 10, Splashin’ Safari’s opening day!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  4. Melissa Reeves

    Holiday World's 67th season begins May 4; its the premiere of Hyena Falls – four new in-the-dark water slides – is May 10, Splashin' Safari's opening day!!!!!!!! Best park in the world!!! Can't wait!!!

  5. Kami Whitt

    I have no idea what anniversary it is…but my boys are wanting so badly to go back to Holiday World! I am due with my fourth boy in June…so I do not know if we can swing it this year! These tickets would help!

  6. Stephanie Vincent

    Have been almost every year to Holiday World Splashing Safarri and this year we will not be able to go. Husband in military and has Chrohns.. They have him on medical board at moment . Was suppose to go in December with 1438th . And now with government cut back and furlough .. Takin a hit on us.

  7. Kristen Vance

    The HoliBlog premiered as the first theme park blog ever in 2005. This is the 8th anniversary.

  8. Sarah C

    I like numbers and since today is 4 6 it makes me think of 1946 which was opening Day for Holiday World…the world’s very 1st theme park

  9. Tiffany

    Would love for myself and my husband to have a day away. Every year he always has a family day with hes work place and it is so packed we cant even enjoy it… So I would love to have a day just us! Or even I would buy to extra tickets for my kids and have a great family day! So good luck to all that enter! :)

  10. Christine Schmidt

    Marks the 20th anniversary of splashin safari significance if the time period when change of leadership took place.

  11. Christine Schmidt

    Marks 20th anniversary of splashin safari, significance is the tine period of leadership change

  12. kayla davies

    Maybe the parks name being changed from “Santa Claus Land” to “Holiday World”?

  13. Jennifer Cooper

    April of 2005, the start of Holiblog; a walk in the park…8 year anniversary!!!

  14. valerie vanmeter

    i have 7 grandkids isnt that ironic i would love to take them to holiday world this summer we went last summer and would love to go back and two free tickets would sure help…..