By Paula @ Holiday World

Kitty's Tea Party is here!

Of course, my juvenile brain reverts back to Bugs Bunny and "there's nothing as sociable as a nice cup of tea, I always say; how many lumps do you want?"

Maybe that explains the hard hats …

Kitty's Tea Party arrived

Tea for two?

Kitty's Tea Party is here!

Can't have a tea party without a tea pot.

That's one heck of a cozy …

Kitty's Tea Party is here!

Whether it's tea for two or tea for three (or tea for your whole brood – brood/brewed, get it?), we hope you'll give our new ride a spin this season up in Holidog's FunTown.

Kitty's Tea Party

Kitty's Tea Party opens May 4, on Holiday World's opening day.

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