By Paula @ Holiday World

 … yes, Christmas!

While most folks are putting away their Easter decor, we're awakening the elves.

And here's Cheryl, fastening a big bow on one of the light poles in our Christmas Plaza. It's so nice to see our beautiful trees greening up.

Do you think Cheryl is noticing that a certain roller coaster in our Halloween section needs a little dressing up, too?

Ah, great minds think alike. The very next day, the Coaster Cats were up top with fresh, colorful flags.

Raven premiered back in 1995. Lots of flags have waved from on top of that lift hill over the years.

These flags went up on Wednesday – which was good timing, as Thursday was incredibly windy and the flags were whipping wildly all day.

We office drones have been hearing spring test runs on Raven all week. Most of us are longing to hop on board.

The click-click-click of the train heading up the lift hill is tantalizing, as is that rushing sound as the train flies down the first hill.

The sound is so familiar, and yet something's missing …



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3 Responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like …”

  1. Hannah Pierson

    I’m so excited to go there this summer!!!!!!! I think that whenever I’m older I’ll move up to Santa Claus and buy Season Passes!

  2. Carson

    You should put an Indiana flag and USA flag up there on each one too! Love the park Cya on opinin day!