By Paula @ Holiday World

Unless you've just awakening from hibernation, you know one of our fun new attractions is this wild and crazy water-slide complex called Hyena Falls.

Here's the design:

And here's a photo of the nearly-completed slides, including a "wave" slide that starts five stories up:

Does looking at this photo, in anticipation of riding Hyena Falls, tickle you just a little bit? Causing you to giggle, guffaw, chuckle, even howl with laughter?

Then you should enter this contest. Bigtime.

If you win, here's what you get:

Two days of family fun at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari for a family of four, plus …

Two cozy nights in a Rudolph's Christmas Cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort (they're even throwing in a S'mores Kit for a gooey late-night treat).

Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort is located right next to Holiday World – and even provides free shuttle transportation!

Ready to enter our "Laugh Like A Hyena" contest?

Here's how:
1. Make a video (30 seconds or less) or draw a picture or take a photo or write a poem showing us how you plan to Laugh Like A Hyena on Hyena Falls.
2. Email your entry to us at no later than 8pm CT on Monday, May 6, 2013. (If you choose to make a video, post it on YouTube and email us the link.) Attachments must be jpegs and no larger than 1MB.
3. Later that week, we will post our three favorite entries here on the HoliBlog, and everyone is invited to vote for their favorite. The voting will last until 2:00 pm CDT on Monday, May 13, 2013.
4. The Grand Prize Winner (the entry with the most votes) will receive four two-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari plus two nights (subject to availability during the 2013 season) in a Rudolph's Christmas Cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort. The second-place winner will receive four one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari and the third place winner receives two park tickets.
5. Must be 21 or older to enter. No more than one entry per email address, please.
6. Videos 31 seconds and longer will be disqualified. Attachments exceeding 1MB and/or not jpegs will not be considered.
7. Just like the park … keep it clean and friendly! And please have fun with this!
8. By entering, you are giving Holiday World and Lake Rudolph permission to post your entry on our blogs and other social media along with your first name and last initial, plus city and state.
9. Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and their immediate family members are not eligible. Neither are employees of Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort and their immediate family members.
10. Winners of Holiday World contests over the past six months are not eligible.
11. Judges’ decisions are final.
12. Good luck!

Please read the above instructions and rules carefully before entering.

And please-oh-please have fun …

This guy sure is!

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33 Responses to ““Laugh Like A Hyena!” contest”

  1. Shannon Knapp

    Hello, I would really be greatful to win tickets to holiday world and to Lake Randolph for we havent been able to have a family getaway for a long time do to finacial problems (hubby lost job) and we only have one income. Kids have been wanting to go to holiday for a long…Hope we have a change to win.

  2. Sarah Koch

    Hyena Falls is almost ready to ride,
    My eight year old daughter is ready to glide.
    As we walk up the five stories to get to the top,
    We laugh, and play, and sing and hop.
    Drawing near is the water filled slide up ahead,
    Laughing so hard that my face turns all red.
    My daughter and I take our spot next in line,
    To show everyone there how to have a good time.
    As we sit on the slide and ready to zoom down,
    I get to laughing so hard that my daughter turns around.
    She says mom if your going to laugh do it right,
    I will laugh like a hyena as you hold on to me tight.
    Around the different colored tubes we go,
    Laughing loud like crazy hyenas we are, I know.
    Up and down and all around,
    As I listen I only hear one sound.
    Laughter so loud that you could only think,
    There are two crazy hyenas and they are laughing in sink.
    As we get to bottom we look at each other,
    My daughter looks up and says “That was great mother.”

  3. Debbie Cox

    I love your place we attend the Halloween camping almost every year I have 5 grandkids that love it thanks for making such things possible you have a wounderful park and great people may b I can win a camping spot and a cart for this year or tickets Thanks so much

  4. Amy

    i would love to recieve the free tickets, would make my kids so very happy!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! THEY HAVE BEEN WANTING TO GO AND HAVE FUN!!

  5. Amy

    I would be so grateful if i was the winner of the tickets. we could take our kids there and have a great time. we have been wanting to go there but just dont have the extra money. it looks like a wonderful place to take kids and have fun. Thank you in advance!!

  6. Mindy

    Does the person in the video have to be 21? I was going to have my 11 yo daughter and niece do the laughing.

  7. Amber Slifer

    I had sent in a video the other day and was having trouble, just checking that you had received it. Please let me try and know. Thanks, Amber

  8. Natalie Britton

    Being a teacher and having a daughter who has epilepsy makes funds very tight. It would be so incredible to win this prize and be able to take her on a vacation. I just can’t find the words to tell you how awesome this would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Diana Naney

    Well, it’s been awhile, my family lived in Dale Indiana, My aunt retired from what we still call Santa Claus Land many years ago in the ole Pillow making area there. Had many xmas cards sent from there just to let the kids see the post mark. What great memories, wishing to win the tickets to pass on these wonderful memories to the grandkids, Such a growth in becoming Holiday World. We will always keep Santa Claus Land close to our hearts. Keep up the good work. Blessings from “An Ole Dale Indiana Survivor”

  10. Krystle Coon

    I hope I win, but good luck to all that enter. Be so nice to get to spend time at Holiday World, I haven’t been since I was a kid, and after some tough- stressful times recently, be nice to have time to forget.

  11. Felicia

    Hi How are you, I would really be happy to win tickets to holiday world and to Lake Randolph. We haven't been able to have a family getaway for a long time do to financial problems hubby lost his job and, we don't have no income. Kids have been wanting to go to Holiday World for a long…Hope we have a change to win.

  12. ashley h.

    Video submitted! Had fun filming it, hoping for some holiday world fun!

  13. Melissa Hutchinson

    my husband just got laid off work and we have never had a vacation we have 6 kids anf it would be great if we could win some tickets. God bless

  14. ashley h.

    Fingers crossed three entrees submitted :) just got married feb. 22nd would be an amazing family honeymoon/ vacation

  15. melissa doss

    would love to take a family holiday here making memories last forever

  16. Jennafer Chandler

    I operate a small dog rescue out of my home and work a full-time job. I spend majority of my spare time (after work and weekends) caring for animals, vet trips, adoption appointments and paperwork. It would be nice to get a weekend away to enjoy myself. Holiday World has always been a favorite place of mine to visit.

  17. HoliBlog

    Just wanted to be sure you emailed your entry (check the rules, above, for the address) to enter. Good luck!

  18. HoliBlog

    Just wanted to be sure you emailed your entry (check the rules, above, for the address) to enter. Good luck!

  19. nita bruggenschmidt-vos

    This would be a great reward for surviving a very bad winter! Two days of blowing snow this week made me think of a happy place, and of course that is Holiday World! Seven months of severe weather makes me thankful when we make our annual Indiana trip…So nice of you to offer such a great prize! :)

  20. HoliBlog

    Hi Mindy – The person who enters the contest must be 21 or older (the minimum age to “rent” a cabin), but there’s no limit on those featured in the entry. Thanks for checking – and good luck!

  21. HoliBlog

    Please post your video on YouTube and email us the link. Thank you!

  22. HoliBlog

    Hi Amber – Did you email us a link to your video on YouTube? That is how we ask for videos to be submitted. Thanks!

  23. HoliBlog

    … your entry as explained in the blog post (and the email didn’t bounce back), please assume we received it. Thank you!

  24. HoliBlog

    Please read our blog post rules carefully and submit just one entry, as directed. If your singing video fits the contest, you’re welcome to submit it!