By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, I admit I chose this photo so I can razz Josh about his uniform shirt not being tucked in properly.

Stretching video for Holiday World's Hosts & Hostesses

He's our Director of Human Resources Management and those HR types tend to notice untucked shirts, missing name badges, and not-quite-white shoes quicker than the rest of us.

Josh is a sports nut who likes to stay fit. (I won't tell you which team he is crazy about – to the point of having retired baseball stadium seats in his office – so that we don't ignite a flame war here on the Happy HoliBlog.)

So Josh was the natural choice to lead this stretching/warm-up video. We want our Hosts & Hostesses to start their workday all limbered up, to help keep them comfortable and injury-free.

We in Communications agreed to produce the video for him if he'd agree to choose some good tunes to stretch with and to record the video on the beach of Bahari.

And to let us post it on YouTube.

Josh is a pretty good sport. He chuckled through most of our proposal. But he drew the line when we tried to get him to stretch to The Safety Dance.

I guess you could say we were stretching the limit of Josh's good humor. "It's too cheesy!" he insisted.

And so, we proceeded with a lactose-free selection of music. Hope you give these warm-ups a try, too, before you visit us this season.

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