By Paula @ Holiday World

As our Dispatch called "park is clear" on our two-way radios this afternoon, the first clap of thunder boomed.

Perfect timing.

All the darling children we saw today were returning to school safe in their buses and dry as a bone.

Well, almost all …

Maddy, from Boonville, and some friends took advantage of the sunny weather and played in the fountains at Holidog's FunTown.

Today is Play Day – our twenty-first annual. Each year, our friends at Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville invite 2,500 children with disabilities along with their teachers and chaperones. And we all have one heck of a good time together.

We donate the discounted admissions proceeds to the Rehab Center – this year to benefit the Milestones Child Development Center and to underwrite children's therapy. Over the past two decades, that donation has topped $300,000.

It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful laughter and smiles.

It's our favorite day all season.

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One Response to “Play Day 2013”

  1. Meredith P

    My husband and I will be visiting Holiday World in a couple weeks. It will be our first visit as we don’t live very close. In preparation, I was browing the web for some suggestions and came across the Holiblog. My daughter has Cerebral Palsy, and it warms my heart to see Holiday World helping children with Special Needs. Even though my daughter will never benefit from your generosity, I just wanted to say thank you!