By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, so when we heard we were going to get “smart” lockers for this season, there was one simple question:

How can a locker be smart?

New lockers

Well. It turns out the new lockers are not only smart, but pretty cool (technologically speaking, that is).

To boil it down:

  • They’re bigger
  • They come in two sizes
  • No more keys
  • You can get up to four wristbands to use through the day
  • If you forget your locker number, you’ll be able to find it with your wristband, because, dang it – it’s smart!
  • When you scan your wristband, your locker pops open

Nathan presents this video tutorial:

Up in Holiday World, stop by St. Nick’s Rentals (where you can rent strollers, etc.).

In Splashin’ Safari, the kiosks are hard to miss:

New lockers

And there’s also a Locker Rental Booth, if you’d like up to four wristbands (and a human to talk to).

If you use a wheelchair and are concerned about the height of your locker, please rent it at the staffed booth – and ask the staff member to come with you to make sure you get a locker at a comfortable height. If the first “pop” is too high, they can reset it for you until you’re satisfied with the height of your locker.

We’re hearing lots of happy feedback from our early-season Guests. We hope you enjoy the convenience of our new roomier lockers, too!

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26 Responses to “Are you smarter than a locker?”

  1. Whitney

    The bands for the lockers .can they get wet cause from the video it looks like they are just a paperband

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Yes, they can get wet. The wrist bands that you receive in Splashin’ Safari are plastic and waterproof.

  2. Kira Jo Green

    I have a question. If I rented a locker in the splashing safari, and the safari is closed, do you have to carry around your belongings, or are we still able to get to the lockers?