Outstanding in our field

With the new six-second Vine video app all the rage, we get to see all sorts of details about our Guests. Even as they’re driving to the park:

Family traditions

Some tend to be sweeter when you look back years later …

Ah, mothers and daughters

… they have the most fascinating conversations:

Truer words …

… were never spoken:

On Today tomorrow

Exciting news!

We're been working with the good folks at Conde Nast Traveler for the past week, as they prepare a "nation's best amusement park rides" travel segment for the Today Show.

It airs tomorrow morning at 8:30am CDT (9:30am EDT).

We'll be sure to post a link after it airs tomorrow, if they make one available.

A new trend?

I keep hearing that more and more parents are opting not to tell their children about their trip to Holiday World ahead of time.

Why not? So they can get a much better night’s sleep the night before!

Here’s a darling photo from Twitter of a young fellow’s first glimpse of the park this morning:


And here are some slightly older kids in this six-second Vine video, on their way to the park this morning:

If you shoot a Holiday World-related Vine video, please be sure to tag it with our @HolidayWorld handle. We really enjoy seeing them!

And … get a good night’s sleep tonight!