By Paula @ Holiday World

When we started building The Raven back in 1994, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into …

… and how many friendships would be forged.

The roller coaster enthusiasts are like one big, happy, enthusiastic family.

And last weekend was their family reunion.

Taking photos of The Voyage

Just as with any family reunion, they take lots of photos.

Not necessarily of each other, though; they like the artform that is a roller coaster.

Me, I just get a kick out of the the enthusiasts and their voracious appetite for riding coasters, talking about coasters, and photographing coasters …

We'll just call this the Coaster Paparazzi:

Coaster Paparazzi

The two pretty girls all front and center? They first appeared in our blog five years ago.

See? Family.

Truth be told, in addition to riding coasters and taking pictures of coasters, this bunch also likes to eat. Here they are, walking through the chilly sprinkles early Saturday morning for breakfast and rides on … water coasters.

It was amazing to see the gleeful expressions on their faces as they rode Wildebeest and Mammoth, even before the sun broke through the clouds and warmed us up.

Breakfast with the enthusiasts

Later in the day, when we provided an escorted tour around The Voyage, it was another opportunity for snack-time.

HoliWood Nights

And as the sun set each evening (thanks for the use of your cool photo, Brian F.) of our two-day HoliWood Nights event, it was time for the enthusiasts to buckle down and ride like they meant it. After all, many had traveled a thousand miles or more, from New Zealand, Germany, Washington State.

The Raven during HoliWood Nights

Sounds like fun? We post information about this annual event (and others) on the Coaster Clubs page of our website.

And until then, be sure to …

Keep Calm and Ride Voyage



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