By Paula @ Holiday World

There's something just too delicious about a cool dollop of whipped cream on a steaming cup of cocoa.

Or a drizzle of hot fudge on vanilla ice cream.

Sweet and sour. Salty and sweet.

Yin and yang.

Silly and serious.

Dive! show

Our Dive! show is back again this year.

They've got new digs, including a big new pool, tall new dive tower and lots more seating for the audience.


Wave hello to the nice diver!

High dive

Everyone gets in on the act!


Well, then again, there's nearly always someone clowning around …

Dive! antics

One minute, hilarous antics, and then …


We hope you enjoy this show as much as we do, with chuckles one minute and breath-holding Olympic dives the next.

And no matter what this dive team is up to, we all know how each dive will end – with a great big splash!

Dive! splash

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