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When you work in a town named Santa Claus, you never know who might stop by … but some days we're all just amazed.

We've been asked so many times if anyone famous has ever visited us that we've started a "famous visitors" tag here on the HoliBlog plus a "Famous Visitors" board on Pinterest.

And we just added to them, thanks to Twitter:

If you're an American Idol fan, you know Paul Jolley was a finalist this season.

I did my best to HoliStalk him for a while yesterday, but never managed to catch up with the Jolley man. Guess I was just a fool to think I'd track him down in our 125 acres of fun.

Surely he was never alone, though, as fans recognized him – and were blown away by what a nice guy he is.

Lindsay from Nashville, Illinois, tweeted this great pic yesterday evening.

American Idol finalist Paul Jolley visits Holiday World

Since I never did catch up with Paul yesterday (despite his tweeted promise to sing "Hey, Hey Paula" to me), I didn't get to ask, "don't you wanna stay?"

Apparently, the invitation was still heard. His brother tweeted this morning that they're back for another day of family fun.

Indeed, they'll have a Jolley day.

(Postscript: In case you didn't catch this season's American Idol, the song titles of many of Paul Jolley performances are in italics in this post.)

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