By Paula @ Holiday World

What a lovely surprise!

For the third year in a row, Trip Advisor named us among the Top 10% of hospitality businesses worldwide that are reviewed on their monstrous website (it's the 91st most visited website in the U.S.).

The information sent us noted that to qualify for their "Certificate of Excellence," an attraction, hotel, or other travel-related business must consistently receive "four out of five or higher" in the online reviews.

Not to look a gift owl in the mouth, but I've always wondered exactly what it is we're striving for … they're not four-out-of-five stars or two thumbs up or three-and-a-half rotten tomatoes.


So we've just referred to them as Owl Eyes.

And thanks to our 700+ reviewers, we've consistently received four-and-a-half owl eyes on the world's largest travel website over the past several years. 

It sure brings a smile to our faces to read so many positive comments from our park Guests (please don't hesitate to post your own review there). We know we're not perfect, but we keep trying!

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