By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to all who entered!

Our winner of two one-day tickets is Dawn G., from St. Anne, Illinois. Here's her winning caption: "Do you think this will fly us to the moon and back?"

Congrats, Dawn!


Every once in a while, a park photo just says "Caption Contest" to us.

This one, for example …

Those cute little faces, concentrating so hard! What in the world might they be saying to each other?

Let's take a closer look:

Charm us with your wit and you could win two one-day tickets.

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari (or that employee's immediate family member).

3. To enter, post your cute caption as a "comment" here on this HoliBlog post. Don't include your address or phone number, we'll notify the winner by email. (Remember, our comments are moderated – so keep the captions family-friendly. If your post doesn't show up right away, that means we're in a meeting or sleeping or eating or, you know, in the bathroom. Please be patient.)

4. Just one post per email address, please. (No multiple entries.)

5. If you've won tickets from one of our contests within the past six months, you're not elegible to win this one. If it's been more than six months – have at it!

6. Judges' decision is final. It always is.

7. Deadline is Friday at noon. That's 6/28/13 at 12 noon CDT. We'll notify the winner by email.

8. And yes, if you win, you can use your tickets this weekend.

Good luck!


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678 Responses to “Eagles Flight photo caption contest”

  1. Terra Rumer

    I wonder if Mom and Dad will let us ride again, even though this is the 5th time..

  2. jennifer huff

    Little girl “i hope this eagle doesn’t take off for real if i put my hand here!”

  3. Erin Groenenboom

    Child 1: “Look at Mom- she is so worried that we are going to get scared on this kiddie ride…”
    Child 2: “Yeah- If she only knew Dad took us on the Legend when she was walking around eating fudge in Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen!”

  4. Anita Womack

    “Ummm, are you sure that’s the right button to make this thing go?”

  5. Nacole Swenson

    Boy: If you put your hand on that handle Holidog will appear and we can really fly!!!
    Girl: ok I will will do it!!!!

  6. Melissa Risch

    Do you think mom and dad could buy this for us? Then we could fly anywhere!

  7. felicia cole

    “Let’s see if we can get mom to buy us icecream when we get off this ride”

  8. Tiffany D.

    “But Sissy, how to you make it move?”
    “I’ve been on this ride a million times. Let me teach you how.”

  9. Rob

    Girl: This is your new car?
    Boy: Yeah, i just bought this baby with money from the tooth fairy

  10. Brianna lannan

    Bubby, I don’t think I’m so sure about this! But ill smile so people don’t notice I’m scared 😮

  11. josh hall

    Sister : ummm, what do we do? Where are the directions for these things?
    Brother: How should I know, I’m a guy, and Dad says men don’t need directions…
    Sister : Exactly, that’s why Mom told me to drive.

  12. Kathryn

    They two kids are saying I love this ride it can hold more then one person also u get to see these beautiful bird with bright colors and I get to choose the direction the birds head moves and I get to fly on this bird with you at this special places called holiday world I wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here with you sis!!!

  13. Amy Waters

    Let’s fly far far away on this Eagle. Soar high above the clouds for the day.

  14. Lynne Short

    Hey sis, Do you think if we push this over far enough we can touch the sky?

  15. josh hall

    Girl: we really need to figure this thing out and make it look like we have done this before, because you know moms posting a pic of this on Facebook.

  16. chris

    Girl: you don’t think this goes fast do you?
    Boy: No, dad said its slow.
    Girl: He also said Santa wasn’t real, and did you believe that?

  17. Teresa Walters

    ” Do you really think we’re old enough to go on this ride ? “

  18. Kristina Johnson

    When we grow up we are gonna be pilots. And when someone asks us why we wanted to be Pilots we will say ” It was the first time we rode the Eagles Flight at Holiday World.” Ever Since we knew we belonged in the sky.

  19. Abby

    (little kid voice) “Bobby, you think this bird poops on people when we’re flying?”

  20. crystal stovall

    Boy “this might go a lil high and fast hope mom brought extra pants”..
    Girl” nah trust me, im driving so it won’t go fast either. It won’t scare you promise..

  21. Krista milam

    If we flap this thing really fast. It might come off the chains and we could fly in the sky like an airplane!

  22. Heather Garrett

    Do you think we should stop and ask for directions to fly this? Nope, Daddy never does so we’re fine!

  23. Todd Szelis

    Boy: how do you make this thing fly?
    Girl: I grab this wing and it goes…
    Boy: is there a way to make it fly forwards, we keep going in circles
    Girl: i don’t know. I’m new at this….

  24. Brandy salesman

    Girl: I’m telling you this is the way to cotton candy!
    Boy: no no let me show you!!

  25. Princena Rakes

    The little girl is telling her friend ” hold on buddy we are in for a bumpy ride”

  26. Tracy Wilson

    Wow, the last time I rode this, a giant spider jumped out!!! (this is a true story – my daughter and I were riding! We have not ridden this ride since – it was a BAD looking spider!)

  27. Kevin Smith

    Boy-“Are you sure you know how to fly this thing?”
    Girl-“Of course I do Kid, I’ve been flying these Eagles since I was Two, Trust Me!”

  28. andrea adams

    Boy: One day you are going to make a good pilot. Girl: I sure do hope so.

  29. Stacy wells

    Girl-“should I pull it?”
    Boy- “I don’t know,what’s gonna happen?”
    Girl-“I’m gonna do it, here it goes!!!!!!!!”

  30. Leslie Rickard

    Can I have a turn?
    No. You did not ask for directions and we ended up at the exit gate!

  31. Colleen Duffy

    “Take it nice and easy….I saw a big boy who was green-faced and couldn’t walk straight after he over did it on this ride.”

  32. JoAnne Davis

    Boy: “NO! We are NOT stopping for directions!”
    Girl: *rolls eyes* “So silly of me to suggest such a thing!”

  33. Jennifer

    Sing it with me ” Im gonna fly like an eagle to the sea, Fly like. A eagle let my spirit carry me”

  34. Holiday world

    “Fly me to the moon, but make sure we come back to Holiday World!”

  35. Melissa Finn

    Uhh huh, see, I told you we could fly! Anything is possible at Holiday World!

  36. Sherrie Hallett

    Boy: “But you said, I could fly the next time, four turns ago.”

  37. Duetta C

    Boy: It’s my turn now!
    Girl: No Lil Bro, I’m flying this bird!
    Boy: I’m telling Santa!

  38. Amber Slifer

    I showed you how first, but I’m watching closely to make sure you do it correctly!

  39. Layla Smith

    Boy: Are you sure you know how to do this? I’d like to make it out of here alive! I’ve got to make my rounds in Splashin Safari, Lady!

    Girl: (rolls eyes) Right Wing Drivers, Gotta love em’!

  40. Elizabeth Vincent

    “If Mom takes 1 more picture of me I’m going to throw up!”

  41. Rita Gehlhausen

    This is why eagles' hair are all slicked back! From flying this fast in circles in the sky!

  42. Courtney Schaefer

    “Wow this is so cool!” ” I wanna ride it again….maybe mom and dad will ride with us!”

  43. Lisa Crone

    He is serenading her….Ohhhh I can fly higher than an Eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  44. Tasha

    Up, Up, and away! It’s amazing flying high on the Eagle’s Flight here at Holiday World. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

  45. Amy

    First stop Santa’s toy shop. Second stop Mrs.Claus’s kitchen for milk and cookies.

  46. Amanda

    Boy: Hey! This eagle really is bald!
    Girl: How can you tell?!
    Boy: All his feathers are combed over to one side!

  47. Heather Loss

    Mom & Dad never let me fly this thing by myself. They say I’m not big enough. But I really think they just want to have all the fun themselves. Now, I’m in control!!!

  48. Jennifer Potter

    “I thought we had finally escaped the parents, but we don’t seem to be getting very far!”

  49. Ashley

    Lets pretend we are Miss Bianca and Bernard in the Rescuers Down Under!…. Don’t be scared Bernard you must be brave!

  50. jenny douglas

    See this is how we make it swing…we have to move the handle left to right. Isn’t it more fun that way!?

  51. ron chandler

    They said this is supposed to be an eagle but don’t you think it looks more like a chicken

  52. Tammy M.

    “Don’t worry little brother, I got this. Now lets show them how to really fly this eagle.”

  53. Miranda Harn

    Do you think this thing can really fly? And if so how high do you thing we are going to go?

  54. Josh Harris

    “I’m telling you what Santa said! Dippin’ Dots are on the right; Udderly Blue is on the left!”

  55. Hillary Arnett

    Now this is what I call a first class flight! We’ll never fly coach again!

  56. MistyF

    Are you sure you should be messing with that? OOOOO….I’m gonna tell mom if you break that!

  57. Heather Ledoux

    Little boy: “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
    Little girl: “Do eagles fly?”

  58. Deric Calvert

    Man! that was fun, now we have to talk mom and dad into letting us ride Eagles Flight again. Remember what we practiced ” the puppy dog face always gets them”

  59. Amber Schneider

    why do adults drive such boring cars. ? yea your a much better driver than mom!

  60. william.sharpe

    the kids back at daycare will never believe this!
    yea i hope mom gets a good picture!

  61. Valerie B.

    Let’s take this to second base. It’s time to conquer the Freedom Train. I’ll be there to hold your hand, and then we can get some Udderly Blue Ice Cream. Mom will pay.

  62. Brittney Monk

    Girl: I heard if you pull this lever, the eagle will fly away by itself!
    Boy: Yes, but do it discreetly! I don’t want Mom to notice we’re trying to escape her kid to do list!

  63. Jason Bostic

    Little boy: “Wouldn’t it be great if this was a real eagle, sissy?”
    Little girl: “This is a real eagle! I hope he doesn’t mind if I steer!”

  64. Cody King

    “Listen toots, get these birds wings flapping– and fast. The unlimited soft drinks are awesome…but I’m about to burst!”

  65. Sheila

    Girl thinking-if I hold on to this handle he is going to think I am a sissy girl…
    Boy thinking-is she really gonna hold on? Seriously……

  66. Nina Allen

    Uhm….sissy…it’s my turn…oh, no, what’s wrong with my arm! I can’t move it! Mommmmmmmy!

  67. Megan T.

    Boy: Do you know what you are doing?
    Girl: Yes just grab this
    Boy: Is it working?
    Girl: Yes because I taught you

  68. Michelle Sharp

    Girl: Ewwww, did I just touch a booger??
    Boy: I don’t know, let me see!!!

  69. Heather Beirne

    “Don’t be scared – nothing ‘ill-eagle’ about having fun at Holiday World!”

  70. Taylor B

    Girl: “I’m not so sure this is going to work!” Boy: “Fuhgeddaboudit! Just hold on to that handle there and it’ll work….”

  71. Nick Harris

    “Hope this bird doesn’t pull off any ‘ill-eagle’ maneuvers!”

  72. robert frierdich

    We have a handle just like this in our car! Dad grabs it all the time when mom’s driving….

  73. Kristen Watkins

    “I wonder how you make this thing go faster.”
    “What’s that handle?”

  74. Charlotte Hardesty

    Ready, set, let’s go!! Don’t look down, eye on the sky!! Let’s follow that other bird, I am not stopping for directions!!

  75. Susan Sollars

    “Let’s take turns driving this, Santa Clause is watching us for real!”

  76. Josh Batts

    “So let me get this straight, if I move this to the right, we’ll go right, and if I move this left, we’ll go left, but no matter what I do we will still just go in one big circle?” “You just don’t get it, do you, sis…”

  77. Kate

    Santa told me a secret Sis,
    that parents always miss.
    He said that on the Eagles’ Flight,
    to stroke the Eagle’s feather.
    That if we wish with all our might
    this day will last forever.

  78. Debbie Lee

    hold on real tight little brotherI’m gonna fly us all over the park.

  79. Chris McDonald

    Boy “I thought you said this would get us to Splashin’ Safari quicker!”
    Girl ” I’m trying cant you see I’m moving this here thingy around but nothings happening!”

  80. Kristen Norton

    Boy, “Here we go!”
    Girl, “We’re getting super high!”
    Boy, “I’ll keep you safe.”
    Girl, “Thank goodness I have you by my side, buddy!”

  81. Ashley

    Boy: “Hey sis… Maybe if we sing it will make the ride seem to get over faster?”

    Girl: “Yeah, maybe… but sing what?”

    Together: “Santa lifts us up where we belong. Where the eeeeagles flyyyyy….”

  82. Taylor Kane

    “It can’t be that hard to fly an Eagle! This is just like riding our tricycles right…..?”

  83. Jessica Bumgardner

    Boy: Do you think we can really get this to fly, Sis?

    Girl: Of course we can make it fly; it is an eagle!

  84. junetta irvine

    Hesitate to get on the ride, little sister climbs inside the eagle car with big brother. Quickly she grabs hold of the hand rail, while trying to gain her confidence and composure. The eagle car starts moving, and big brother comforts his babe sister by saying, “Don’t worry sissy, you’re safe with me. I’ve got eagle eyes.”

  85. Cary Church

    “To the left….no…to the right! It’s so hard being an eagle in flight”.

  86. Freda miller

    ( Boy saying to the girl) You do know how to get there, right?! ( (Little girl saying this to him) No! You mean you don’t have google maps?!

  87. Jesse W

    Bro: “Hey sis, what did the ghost say to Santa?”

    Sis: “I don’t know, what?

    Bro: “I will have a boo Christmas without you”

  88. Tara Jenkins

    If I hold this, then we won’t fall out. Really I don’t need to hold on, I am not scared.

  89. Alicia mckinney

    So this is the button that makes us soar over Holiday World and make a surprise splash in the wave pool, right bubba?

  90. Courtney Montel

    “Even though mommy told us to keep our hands at our sides, you move it first! And if you don’t get in trouble I will move it too!”

  91. Lori Fisher

    Keep focus sissy. its just like driving our power wheel at home. the handle is the steering wheel. the buttons are the horn. the only difference is it leaves the ground! maybe we should belt up because im sure this eagle is going to fly high. as soon as it lands im running to mommy and daddy super fast!

  92. Melissa Nicholson

    Weeeeeeee .. wee, wee, weeee. This is so much fun! I feel like that piggie off that commercial.

  93. Chris Shipaila

    Let me turn his head so its above mom, when I say GO press the button so it shoots water at her. She will never know its us!!!

  94. Brandi King

    boy: hey just pull that thing right there and it will fly us!
    girl: you sure it is ok?
    boy: yeah do it , come on just do it!
    girl : well ok if your sure it’s ok.

  95. april briddick

    Thanks for the driving lesson bro. I think I am ready to take it out solo.

  96. Rebecca Roach

    Boy: I think you should let me drive, boys are better drivers than girls.
    Girl: Oh really? Then how did I get a Safe Driver Discount from Allstate? I got this!

  97. Becky Gillum

    Please let me take a turn I promise we can go to Splashin Safari next!!!

  98. Derek Lewis

    “What genius thought we’d actually believe we’re controlling this thing?”

  99. Erica P

    As she looks to the sky she is saying please let me survive this flight as we know he’s not old enough to control this bird.

  100. James

    Boy: “reminds me of the scene from The Hobbit where they are flying on eagles.”
    Girl: “Yeah but this time they have a woman driver and they will make it all the way to the lonely mountain.”

  101. Shannon Darnell

    “I think the rides over…..dont look at them maybe they wont notice and let us ride again!”

  102. James

    Look sissy those people eating ice cream look like ants. Very funny bubba but those are ants eating the ice cream you dropped.

  103. Lisa Madigan

    Careful…Careful…dont want to pull something that makes this ride stop and have everyone look at us like…”Umm what did you two do” just like mom and dad does

  104. Dawna bouton

    Boy: you point it that way and i will push this button here then…we fly!

  105. Melanie Driskell

    “I wonder if we can get this to fly us all the way to see Santa”

  106. Jessie Johnson

    Girl: See I know what I’m doing.
    Boy: your not doing it right, let me show you.
    Girl: were just going in circles..

  107. Allison

    Boy: “She looks a little scared maybe I should put my arm around her and tell her it will be ok”

  108. Cindy Hart

    Rudder control . . . check
    seatbelts . . . check
    takeoff . . . wheeeeeeeee

  109. Jean

    Boy: “How do you identify a bald eagle?”
    Girl: “It’s easy – all his feathers are combed over to one side.”

  110. Benya Farris

    A whole new world
    A dazzling place I never knew
    But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear
    That I’m in a whole new world with you

  111. Kristen Leigh

    Girl: I’m not so sure about this. This is all we have to hold onto.
    Boy: It’s okay, I’ve ridden this dozens of times. It’s one of my favorite rides!

  112. Tracy McDaniel

    If we both concentrate real hard…and grab this handle…IT WORKED!!! We are flying!

  113. Lisa Madigan

    Careful…Careful….dont pull to hard dont want the ride to stop and have everyone look at us saying…”Ummm yeah what did you two do” just like mom and dad does

  114. Joshua Bunn

    Lets see what this bird can do. I’m sure glad we chose the Americian Eagle to get around, and not the Turkey.

  115. Amy Farmer

    “I’m not so sure about this.”
    “You’re doing fine. Just a little more the right.”

  116. Lynn Yates

    Girl: I’m I do this right?
    Boy: You just need to pull it a little that way. Yes, a little to the right, there you go!!

  117. Jane Sartoris

    Sooo…. you’re telling me, if we turn left at the moon, we can make it to Mars?

  118. Erica

    Girl: Honey, I think we are going in circles. Pull over and ask someone for directions.
    Boy: What! Guys do not ask for directions! I know where we are!

  119. Phaedra Black

    Little girl-“The Eagle has landed!” Little boy- “Uh… what’s an eagle?”

  120. Susan Higdon

    Boy: Hey, you think if we fly really hard it will take us to see Grandma in heaven?
    Girl: **smiles** let’s try!!!

  121. Jessica Williamson

    If we learn to fly this eagle, we’ll be a shoe in to fly Santa’s sleigh!

  122. Brice Bowley

    If we believe we can fly, maybe Santa will let us pull his sleigh this year.

  123. Rob Estes

    Buckle up and hold on. I’m going to take you on the ride of your life!

  124. Lyn Huntington

    Girl:how do you work this thing?
    Boy:I’m not sure. I don’t see a touchscreen.

  125. Shelly

    Girl: Do you think I should pull on this? I’m scared!
    Boy: If you don’t I will.

  126. Patricia

    Hey Sis…if you let me stir this time…
    I promise I will let you choose the next ride.

  127. Paul

    Girl- “I Wonder why they call this ride Eagles Flight?”
    seconds later…..
    Both screaming- “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

  128. Matthew Newkirk

    Ummmmm…why is this eagle looking at us with those crazy red eyes?

  129. Phillip Wilson

    Girl: Please let me enjoy the ride
    Girl: Lord please let this ride be over soon
    Girl: If you don’t be quiet you are not going on the Raven with me.

  130. Tasha

    3….2….1….Take Off! Up Up & Away!!!! What could be better than flying high over Holiday World on the Eagles Flight?

  131. aimee newberry

    Girl- “Um.. did you really read the instruction manual on how to fly this eagle? Are you sure this is all I have to do?”
    Boy- “Yep, sure did…but uh… I’ll let you fly it first though.”

  132. Amy Carter

    Girl: “Are you sure we are old enough to fly this?”
    Boy: “Don’t worry, taking off is easy!” (…it’s the landing I’m unsure of !?!)

  133. Erin Rhodes

    Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

  134. Shannon Bortner

    Ummm I really think we should have made a left turn at the waterpark? It seems we have been by here before….maybe we should land and ask for directons.

  135. Kori Arrick

    Boy: If you turn it this way we will go higher!!!
    Girl: Lets just keep it in the middle so we don’t go so high.
    Boy: It’s will be okay, I am here with you don’t be scared!

  136. Janelle

    Girl: “I wonder if this lever lets us fly our eagle…”
    Boy: “I don’t want to find out!”
    Girl: “Aww, c’mon!”
    Boy: “Okay…” :}

  137. Angela OKeefe

    Are you sure this thing isn’t going to take off? MMMM, I don’t know but just keep looking up and don’t look down

  138. tia stokes

    Boy: ok, your turn.Just grab the handle and fly this thing.
    Girl: I’m flying! I’m really flying!

  139. Kelly Mooney

    “I should have let him fly – this goes higher than I thought!”

  140. Phyllis Holman

    Boy “Hurry and land this bird I want to go to Splashin Safari” Girl ” I am flying this bird I will get us there” Boy “BUT” Girl ” BROTHERS”

  141. Kelly

    Girl: Here we go – I’m going to fly this bird to the moon and back! Boy: OK I’m ready Let’s go!

  142. Amy

    Girl- I wonder if we are gonna go see the nest?
    Boy- The eaglets may try to eat us.
    Girl- No silly, They eat bugs and worms.
    Boy- I thought fish only ate worms.
    Girl- No!! If you don’t be careful about what you say, this eagle will think your a slimmy worm too !!

  143. Greg

    I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder, over sideways and under on this fantastic Holiday World ride!

  144. Connie Jordan

    Hey let me you always get to control it!
    I know that’s because I’m the oldest! LOL

  145. Tracy Easler

    I wonder if this eagle will take us over to the Mammoth? Let’s try :) I know the way!

  146. Kristine smith

    There is no way this eagle can go higher than the Giraffica Gravity we just rode! But just in case, you might want to hold on tight…

  147. Connie R

    “We are sitting on the back of a giant bird, steering him by his head. When this goes wrong, I’m telling Mom it was all your idea.”

  148. Nancy

    Girl: “Are you *SURE* we shouldn’t stop and ask for directions?”
    Boy: “Relax, honey – I know exactly where we are.”
    Girl: (sigh) “I just get the funny feeling that we’re going around in circles.”

  149. Carrie Watterson

    “Uhm, I think you made a wrong turn, here let me do it…silly Boy”

  150. Deborah Ostlund

    Boy: “Think we can fly as high as Santa’s Reindeers?”

    Girl: “Well, we are at Holiday World, so anything’s possible!”

  151. Lisa Anderson

    Girl: I don’t know if I want to do this I’m kind of scared! Do you know how high this eagle will go? Boy: Don’t worry, your brother is here and I will hold your hand and we will fly high together and you will see its going to be so much fun!!!

  152. Laura Lashlee

    Boy: “Can I have a tuwn fwyin’ the eagle?”
    Girl: “Yes, but be vewy caweful, Daddy said he’s a symbol of our fweedom.”

  153. Sarah McKenzie

    Boy: “If we turn this way, mom will never even know we left.”
    Girl: “Are you sure mom won’t notice that we flew to the moon and back?”

  154. Mellisa Crawford

    “This ride is so cool. When do you think we will come back to Holiday World & Splashin Safari?”

  155. Teresa Crawford

    “Put your hand and hold on tight and hold on, but be ready to go again!”

  156. Hope Hulette

    Sun setting and eagle continues to soar tired patron will continue with roar

  157. Chasity Barber

    Girl: seriously if you woulda just stopped 2 eagles ago and asked directions then we could have been outta here already!!

  158. Linda Jessee

    Okay, I am older so I will be the pilot and YOU can be the co-pilot!

  159. Melissa

    Warp factor- awesome.

    Mr. Sulu letting Lt. Uhura take the helm during shore leave to 21st century Earth. Who knew that coming to Holiday World would revert them to their childhood counterparts?

    Next stop is the Udderly Blue Ice Cream stand for what appears to be an Andorian’s version of ice cream, and then off to Liberty Launch so they can understand the Terran version of “Beam me up.”

  160. April Meleski

    Girl: These things sure look old!
    Boy: Yeah, but the eagle is a symbol of our American freedom. And freedom NEVER gets old!

  161. Samantha Fowler

    Girl: Umm…. I dont know about this.
    Boy: Dont worry, Ill protect you!
    Girl:Uhh…no! You have cooties!

  162. Anna

    Boy: Are you sure you know what you’re doing?
    Girl: I got this. Just hold on tight!!

  163. Kyah Grubb

    Boy: are we going to wreck?
    Girl: of course not!
    Boy: well last time..
    Girl: don’t worry, my driving has improved a lot since I wrecked your jeep(:
    Boy: (rolls eyes) I’m sure.

  164. Tessa Long

    Boy: “This sure has been a fun trip to Holiday World. How will we get Mom and Dad to come back again?”
    Girl: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we get a return flight on these eagles next year!.”

  165. Pamela M.

    Little Boy: “You hold on to that handle right there, and when the ride starts, if you make a wish, we will start to fly, like Santa’s sleigh. That’s how he really does it. The reindeer are just for show.”

  166. Jill Jones

    There's no place like holiday world…there's no place like holiday world.

  167. Kristi Phelps

    Girl: I think we are supossed to move this back and forth to go higher….hmmmm
    Boy: who cares, just do it or let me have control,,,this is exciting

  168. Jone Robertson

    I hope this eagle doesn’t fly too high and is too scary. I’ve drank so much free soda that I may have to use the restroom.

  169. Lisa Haisley

    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away

  170. Melissa Stark

    Brother: Wow sis you get the only thing to hold on to
    Sister: That is because I am a girl silly.
    Brother: That doesn’t seem fair both laughing
    Sister: Well we can switch
    Brother: What do you mean
    Sister: We are never getting off lol
    Brother and Sister: Our parents can’t fly lol

  171. Sarah

    Do you think this is what grandma was talking about when she said…”Be very careful when you break wind?”

  172. Courtney Schweizer

    Girl “are you sure this thing doesn’t fly, I’m scared of heights”
    Boy; “It doesn’t fly, I think, I’m pretty sure”

  173. sharonda walker

    Moms over hears kids discussing how to get back to Holiday World…….Kid 8yrs old comments… I now lets get him tickets for his Birthday, he will have to bring us back

  174. karen haines

    Umm, I think we need to pull over and ask directions…we’ve been going in circles!

  175. tina gilliam

    Do u think if we closed our eyes and opened them back up that we would be really flying all over the park? Lets try!

  176. christi dempsey

    Sure hope this bird lands at the splashing safari, I’m ready to run through the sprinklers and down the slides!!!!!

  177. Savannah

    Umm…I told u we should have asked for directions, we keep driving in circles!

  178. Jeff Scott

    I’ve got my fingers on the ejector button. One more comment about my flying and you’re outta here!

  179. steve haines

    I wonder if Mom would let us take one of these home if we promise to take care of it???

  180. steve haines

    I wonder if Mom would let us take one of these home if we promise to take care of it??

  181. Britany WIlson

    Girl: Do you think we could fly to the moon?
    Boy: Yeah! maybe we could.
    Girl: Is our mom and dad looking?
    Boy: Nope, let’s go for it. We can be back before snack time.
    Girl: *Giggles* I hope this eagle doesn’t get tired before we get there.
    Boy: It won’t, this is a Holiday World Eagle!

  182. Maria

    To the left to the left ,to the right to the right
    NOW ! Flight Eagles Flight….

  183. rachel nowlin

    She is saying…that’s right boy! Whatch how this girl gets her flight on!

  184. Heather Kissel

    Boy: My Daddy told me “if you turn the rudder with extreme precision you can maximize your ride experience.”
    Girl: What does that mean?
    Boy: I think it just means turn left!

  185. Morgan Arington

    Girl: Oh great, now we are lost! If only he would have let me stop and ask for directions. MEN!
    Boy: I know where we are, I think. WOMEN!!

  186. Mamie Young

    Boy: Girl you are so pretty! Will you please be my girlfriend?
    Girl: Boy don’t even go there! Besides, I haven’t had my cootie shot yet…
    Boy: Please?
    Girl: Do you want pushed out of this eagle?

  187. Leanne Maples

    Girl: “Am I doing this right”?
    Boy: “No let me do it, you women drivers!

  188. R

    Boy: “Hey, no fair, I wanted to drive this bird!”
    Girl: “Well, I’m the one in the driver’s seat, but since we are flying you can be the co-pilot.”

  189. Laura

    She: “I’m a little scared”.
    He: “You can do it. Grab a hold…..”

    All this is said in the cutest, sweetest, most caring little voices.

  190. Tricia Nelson

    “Do you think we can squeeze Daddy into this ride with us? He would love it!”

  191. Alyssa Nelson

    Boy: “Do you think Mommy & Daddy are having near as much fun as we are up here?”
    Girl: “No way, but we can keep that our secret!”

  192. Shaquawana Wester

    I wonder if we will land in Christmas. . . THIS IS HOLIDAY WORLD


    Little Boy: “Hey, sis, know I know why they call them ‘bald eagles'”

    Little Girl: “Yes, he’s just as bald as grandpa!”

  194. melissa long

    I wonder if we’ll go high enough to touch the clouds. I bet they feel like cotton candy.

  195. Dwayne Cooper

    “Can you believe Dad was too chicken to ride this? …. Something about getting too ditzy”

  196. Lisa Davis

    Boy: Do you think you can fly me over to see Santa?
    Girl: hmm…I don’t know, but I can give it a try…

  197. Christy Riddle

    I can't believe I have to ride this with my little brother, how embarrassing! I hope he doesn't get scared and hug me in front of all of these people!


    I can fly higher than an Eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  199. Kerstin Smith

    “So if i turn it left we go left, but if I turn it right we go left. I think this thing is broken.”

  200. Michelle Martinez

    Girl: “I think we better hold on!”
    Boy: “I ain’t scared! Look, no hands!”

  201. Amilia

    Boy: Soooo…you think this is a trick? I wonder if this is something we can ACTUALLY touch or if its one of those things where WE think it's ok to play with and the grown ups, not so much. YOU go first…

  202. Rita Douglas

    boy: Sis it would be so cool if we could really fly.
    girl: mom says we can do anything with our imagination

  203. missie cartwright

    Honey, I got the upper- hand on this one, you just hang on tight for the ride baby!!!

  204. Sunce

    Girl: Ok, dad said if we don't scream he will take us on "The Legend". So if you get scared, hid onto this handle like this until the rides over. Don't mess this up for me!

    Boy: Don't say that so loud, Kate from school is in the bird behind us! I don't want her to think I'm scared!

  205. Rhonda goeckner

    Girl: I don’t think you going the right way. You should turn left here.
    Boy: I have been turning left.
    Girl: Just do as a said and will get there. Here let me drive.
    Boy: and the nagging begins

  206. Danielle Martin

    Little Girl, “I wish he would stop being such a front seat driver, Mommy was right about men…” :)

  207. Dana

    Little boy–“what are we going to do now that we are fee?”
    Little girl—“if I turn a little this way and we go high enough
    I think we can fly with Santa ad Rudolph!”

  208. Brandy Aubrey

    Girl: “Are you SURE eagles don’t bite? Santa isn’t far away, so he will definitely know if you’re lying to me!”

  209. April Thompson

    Boy: “I wish this eagle would go faster.”
    Girl: “No, No..This speed is fine.”

  210. stacey

    Boy: I don’t know where to go.
    Girl: (sigh) Boys…Let me do it, I’m not afraid to ask for directions.

  211. Matthew Lowe

    “You’re right. This IS the biggest cup of coffee I’ve ever seen.”

  212. Brenda Jackson

    Boy: “Hey, let’s channel our inner Steve Miller Band! I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea,fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me, I want to fly like an eagle….”
    Girl: “Uh-boy.”

  213. Debbie Sheedy

    Girl : I’m scared!
    Boy : See that handle? Just hold on and I will fly Us to the moon and back!
    Girl: Well ok, I know your good at video games, so….
    Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! This is so much Funnnnnnnn!

  214. josh lawson


  215. Brenda

    Holiday World is the best place I’ve been in my whole life! It makes me feel like flying! Maybe we can work here when we get older, then we can come here everyday!

  216. toni

    Lil girl: I wonder if this makes it do everything a eagle can do.
    Lil boy: like poop on stuff
    Lil girl: gross

  217. Suze Littlefox Wright

    If I’m not driving and you’re not driving, then who is?

  218. Suze Littlefox Wright

    If I’m not driving and you’re not driving, then who IS?

  219. Samantha Polmanter

    *Friends uplift the soul.* Girl-“I didn’t say it was your fault! I said I was blaming you!” -insert unsure look here as the mother and father heard her. :)

    I wanna fly like an eagle to the sea! Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me! I want to fly like an eagle till I’m free! Fly through the revolution! :)

  220. Corey Keel

    By grabbing on tight, we shall soar the skies together, for we know not of what wonders await.

  221. Lisa Peretin

    I wish I may….
    I wish I might…..
    Soar through the sky
    On Eagles Flight!

  222. Mike W

    First, we’ll fly this eagle, then blast off on the Liberty Launch, then we’ll hop on the Sparkler, and tonight we’ll wish America a Happy Birthday watching the fireworks!

  223. leelee

    Boy: See, they expect you to grab on there. That’s why I looked around and found this invisible handle.
    Girl: …..whose they? Wait, never mind. I don’t want to know.

  224. Rebecca Lambert

    Boy: OK, put your hand like this and move it to the left.
    Girl: Like this?
    Boy: No, your other left.

  225. Wan

    Next time we stand on each others heads, maybe then they’ll let us ride the big kids rides!

  226. Kiersten Lawlyes

    No mater how many times I turn the head, it still won’t take us to the ice cream shop!

  227. Bobbi Anglin

    What do you think will happen if I pull this handle?
    I don’t know, try it!

  228. Dee Rennels

    “Don’t be nervous sissy, I’m right here beside you. This is gonna be fun!”

  229. Jennifer Jones

    Boy: Maybe you should let me drive.
    Girl: You just sit back & hang on. I may be a girl but I’ve got this!

  230. Evan Carrier

    Maybe if we turn its head just right it will come to life and then we can go even faster!!

  231. Jessica Leary

    Girl: I told you to get directions– we just keep going in circles! Here, let me drive. :)

  232. Jennifer Jones

    “I think if we move this back and forth really fast we could fly to the moon. “

  233. Linda Schaefer

    “Oh Lord help us,he’s pulling the throttle, full speed ahead”

  234. Dusty Taylor

    I wonder if Mommy and Daddy will let us stay here until Holiday World closes.

  235. Charlotte Shillingskimmel

    BOY: Girl u can fly?
    Girl: I might be a girl but my daddy says
    When I grow up I can fly an Airforce eagle
    just like him….and defend our freedom!



  237. Heather Wood

    Boy “hey so after this you think we can get some of that blue ice cream ”
    Girl “yes..if you hold my hand and tell people I’m your girlfriend and you buy this time ”
    Boy “really? OK. I promise but dont kiss me in front of my mom “

  238. Barbara Johnson

    Which way do you think we have to turn this thing to get to Splashin’ Safari

  239. Dameon

    Kids keep on skippin’, skippin’, skippin’
    Into Holiday World
    They want to fly like eagles
    To the wave pool
    Fly like eagles
    Let the fun carry them
    They want to fly like eagles
    Till they’re smiling
    Fly to The Revolution

  240. Jeromy Wise

    Boy: “You know I got my eagle flying license when I was 3. Seriously, I’ve flown these things a thousand times. I actually have one of these babies at home”
    Girl to herself: “Is this guy really trying to impress me with his eagle flying skills? Does he not realize this is my 7th time on this ride today?”

  241. Travis U

    “Mom said its more fun if you hold on to this handle…but it looks like daddy is having fun not holding on to anything.

  242. Stephanie Upton

    “Dad said if we move this handle the eagle will do a trick…that explains why he has the camera out and is smiling!”

  243. Tina Armstrong

    Daddy is a screaming eagle at Fort Campbell, and this eagle is in the 4th of July section so it just has to be his. Do you think it really screams?

  244. Cassie

    Girl: i told you not all women are bad drivers. I know where we are going. I dont need to ask directions

  245. janelle dodds

    “I told you to let me drive! You always get us lost and will never ask for directions! We have way too much to see at Holiday World, and I don’t want to waste even 1 minute!”

  246. Patrick Riley

    I’m so glad that mom and dad cancelled that trip to Florida, To take us to holiday world!!.. This is truly the best place on Earth!!

  247. Stefanie

    Mommy said she rode this when she was little so this ride must be 100 years old!

  248. Cindy

    Boy: Welcome to Eagles Flight, today I will show you how to fly the Eagles…..
    Girl: I’m a little scared, but I will give it a try!

  249. Andrea Richardson

    Girl: I don’t know about this…
    Boy: Relax, sis. We just need to look cute enough to get our picture on the Holiday World website. If we can pull that off, I’m SURE mom and dad will buy us those new bikes!

  250. sheila wiseman

    Just ease it into this parking space. It cant be to hard to parallel park an eagle!

  251. Rick Eikenbary

    “You sure this thing is gonna fly? I think it’s older than Grandma.”

  252. melissa williams

    boy: do you think this eagle is taking us to KRINGLES KAFE for lunch
    girl: i hope so, i’m hungary
    boy: do you think it’s taking us there because we’re lunch?
    girl: i hope so, because i am really really hungary

  253. Beth Price

    Boy: “Do you think if I push this button we would go faster?”

    Girl: “Look, this thing is heavy and I am in control, sit back and enjoy the ride?”

  254. Leah Gross

    “This is how you soak up each moment, and make memories that last a lifetime!”

  255. Anita Perez

    “Do you think if this bird were real he could fly us to the moon?”

  256. Michelle Case

    Boy: I think you broke it. It shouldn’t move like that.
    Girl: No I didn’t. It was already like that when I touched it.
    Boy: You said the same thing about that vase in the living room last week. Mom didn’t buy it then and I don’t think Holidog will now.

  257. Ann Dickerson

    Eagles fly all over the world, this eagle gets to fly over Holiday World!

  258. Ralph

    girl…Can you believe mom and dad met each other on this ride when they were kids? We are soooo lucky they come back every year to celebrate their anniversary!
    boy… oh yeah!!!

  259. Rick Eikenbary

    You really think this thing is gonna fly? I think it’s older than Grandma.

  260. Ralph

    girl.. after this ride lets head for Salmon run, then Reindeer games, then Doggone Trail, then Comet’s Rockets, then a snack, then Kima Bay, then Magic Waters, then Monsoon Lagoon, and then we will get some free soda, then a snack, then Star Spangled Carousel, Rudolph’s Round-Up, then back here!
    boy.. then what?

  261. Ralph

    GIRL- singing—–“Time keeps on slippin’
    Into the future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future
    So I wanna fly like an eagle to the sea
    Fly like an eagle, let the spirit carry me
    I wanna fly
    Fly right into the future”

    BOY- what are you talking about?
    GIRL- just a song from when I was younger.

  262. Ralph

    Im going to fly this thing over to the top of the Voyage, then they cant say we are too short!

  263. Ralph

    BOY- I have one of these rides at my house too.
    GIRL- you do?
    BOY- yeah I build it out of legos!

  264. Cathy Gourley

    “We are in Santa Claus, but are you sure we don’t need a GPS to fly this thing to find Santa?”

  265. Ralph

    GIRL SINGING—–Time keeps on slippin’
    Into the future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    Into the future
    So I wanna fly like an eagle
    to the sea
    Fly like an eagle, let the spirit carry me
    I wanna fly
    Fly right into the future
    BOY- what are you talking about?
    GIRL- just a song from when I was younger

  266. Audra Hack

    Boy: “Yeah, I made this bird with my own two hands. Trust me.”
    Girl: “Ok, if you say so…”

  267. Erica

    “See, this is how you do it. It’s your first Eagle Flight, I remember my first Eagle Flight, someone rode with me and show’d me how to do it”

  268. Jason Rausch

    Girl: This Eagle Ride @ HolidayWorld is amazing!
    Boy: I know, just as amazing as our friendship is!

  269. Margie Hall

    “And this little brother is how you guide this Eagle around. Think you could do it?”

  270. Jason Burchard

    I told you we picked a good bird, we can move his head and he doesn’t squawk!

  271. Jessica Rigg

    Little Boy:”Holy Cow! This is gonna be awesome. I love Holiday World.”
    Little Girl:”Are you sure we wont fly away, I’m gonna hold on tight just to make sure”

  272. Beth c

    Girl: do you like my flying? It’s my first time.
    Boy: uh, a little to the left…Your All over the sky!

  273. Jessica Weddle

    Girl: Does he seriously think this ride is going to be fun..??
    Boy: I hope she likes it.

  274. Kelsey

    Boy: Keep smiling at mom!
    Girl: Why?
    Boy: I can’t have her knowing I’m trying to figure out how to fly this eagle off the track!
    Girl: *smirks* “little brother, don’t you know only princesses can fly eagles! duh!”

  275. Jamie

    Girl: “Are you sure you want to ride this one, Bubby? I mean, we’re a little young to be driving, don’t you think?”

  276. Belinda Moore

    Do you think we can come back next weekend and ride the roller coasters? When we get done here lets ask mom and dad

  277. Jessica Kendall

    “Sit back little guy and hold on tight. It’s time to see what this bird can really do!”

  278. Shanda Campbell

    Girl. “I wonder how high up this bird will take us.”
    Boy ” I wonder if its to soon to kiss her.”

  279. Zack Holtz

    We are just like the real eagles. Learning to fly and soon we will be soaring.

  280. Lillian Keith

    You might want to hold on.. I’m going to show you how girls fly these things!

  281. April Todd

    Girl: Are you sure it is safe to fly this thing?
    Boy: Don’t worry sis, were at Holiday World, safest, funnest place on earth!

  282. Brooke Robinson

    Boy: Let’s see how fast we can make this birdie fly!
    Girl: I don’t know………..It might land us on Santa’s naughty list.
    Boy: Nahhhh. I bet he does it all the time!

  283. Elizabeth Jones

    “No, really, when you fly the highest and push it all the way out your eagle launches to the moon!”

  284. Elyse Hogan

    I can’t believe mom and dad let us ride this! It’s awesome! Next stop the voyage!

  285. amanda schmitzer

    “Let me do this girl. I’ll show you how its done” replied boy.
    “Yeah right boy. Let me show you how its done.” replied girl
    “We are going to crash I just know it.” replied boy.

  286. Robin Tomes

    My Momma always told me I would soar to great heights. Look at me Momma!!!

  287. tyana alvey

    ” this is where u take me for our first date, what happened to candy dates”

  288. Abigail Tackett

    Boy: Look I Can See Mammoth From Here!
    Girl: Stop Getting Distracted! We Need To Concentrate, The Other Eagles Are Catching Up!

  289. Annette Tackett

    Boy: Do you think this bird will fly us to the Christmas section? I don’t want to miss storytime with santa!
    Girl: Maybe if I turn it this way??

  290. Tara Still

    ok I might be young but this does not add up. this ride seats two but it only had one of those handles that my mom calls ” the oh poo poo handle”

  291. Eddie Grant

    “Ok,ok ok sis you’ve had your fun but now I’m starting to feel sick so can I take over now.”

  292. Miriam Flowe

    Uh, I’m not so sure about this….
    It’ll be ok girl, just hold on to that handle thing…yeah, like that!

  293. audie

    ” You know their cooing and awing at us because we look so cute. Only if they knew the mess we are about to make from spinning in circles for the past 3 minutes”

  294. Sara

    Boy:”Lets just ask for directions, I left our Holiday World map with mom” Girl: “YOU want to ask for directions?!, and have a map?!, we may make it around this park after all!”

  295. Mandy Hubbard

    Girl: Look up. I think we may take off flying.
    Boy: Are you crazy? This isn’t a real bird.

  296. Misty Ray

    Boy: Are you sure you know what your doing?
    Girl: Well, I think so! What do you think we need to do?
    Boy: Well I think the directions here (pointing to the label) say to turn the flap to turn the eagle.
    Girl: Well, dad always said directions didn’t matter. So, lets just hold on, hope for the best and smile at mom so she thinks we know what we are doing.

  297. Michelle Case

    Spread you wings and get your fly on!! Only at Holiday World& Splashing Safari.

  298. Dana Hosselton

    This would sure be a nice little trip for us to g to,,,i would like to win tickets

  299. Tina

    Do you think this eagle can fly as high as Roudolph so we can go to the North pole & see the elves & Santa ?

  300. Susan Sisco

    BOY = wow this thing really is a lot of fun and gets us higher up then other rides so are you sure that handle will stop before we tip over?
    GIRL = I am not sure but it is fun to yank on that handle
    BOY = well I hope your right and that we do not tip over because if we tip over I will have to catch you.
    GIRL= no way, I am younger and faster and would catch you
    BOY = hey what if we both fall at the same time, who would catch who?
    GIRL = I know one of the reindeers they wont let us fall, they love us!
    BOY = Yeah go ahead and hang on it we are safe the reindeers will catch us if anything happens

  301. Ryan Maddox

    ummm… I don’t think there is supposed to be a handle in this bird’s neck.

  302. Michelle Hernandez

    Let’s all join in and fly higher than an eagle as we enjoy are freedom. This Fourth of JULY.

  303. Jessica

    “Keep your eyes on this guy, there’s no way we’re letting him fly us away from Holiday World”

  304. Tina Henson

    O.K. here’s the deal…When Mom & Dad ask if we are tired & ready to go…We both say NO! If that doesn’t work, then you start crying o.k.? Got it?


    “I wonder if Santa gets around with this in the off season?”

  306. Emily Carver

    If we turn it this way it will take us anywhere we want to go, we just have to believe!

  307. Emma

    Boy “Are you sure we are going the right way?”
    Girl “Um…of course. We are going right to the Turkeys?”
    Boy “I thought it was left?”
    Girl “I don’t think it matters. We are still going in circles.”

  308. Jessica Sutton

    Boy: So how much longer till we get there?
    Girl: Get where?
    Boy: I dunno, we’ve been flying for several minutes.
    Girl: You do know we’re on a ride right?
    Boy: Oh. Yeah. Haha. I knew that. (Looks away sheepishly)

  309. tammy durham

    my grandson wants to know if it will fly high enough to see his daddy in the sky.