By Paula @ Holiday World

Fireworks? But of course!

Did you know we’re the only park in n the world with a 4th of July themed section?

George the EagleAnd so, on America’s Independence Day, we’ll have a spectacular fireworks show at the end of the day, which is 30 minutes later than usual for a summer weekday: 9pm CDT (that’s 10pm EDT).

Every year we’re asked to reveal where the best spot is to view the fireworks.

Our fireworks will be shot off from north of the park (on the other side of Splashin’ Safari), and they’ll fly high in the sky. So as long as you’re not standing under a grove of trees or inside a building, you should be able to see from just about anywhere in the park. Or even in our parking lots.

And is the 4th of July super-busy?

It’s a vacation week, so we’re definitely starting to get busier than in May and June, but the 4th is usually about the same as the other days that week. So if you like fireworks, this is the place to be!

Ever wondered what it looks like from the vantage point of the fireworks setter-offer?

We strapped a GoPro camera on one of the crew members a few years ago and here’s what he saw:

Hope you can join us to help celebrate our nation’s birthday!

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