By Paula @ Holiday World

No other line from any other patriotic tune comes to mind more readily than "rockets red glare" when you look at this photo:

Fireworks over Holiday World

It had been a long, wonderful day … and I'm so glad I dragged my bones all the way down to Hyena Falls to take a crack at photographing our annual fireworks celebration.

Armed with just my trusty iPhone4 (and for once in my left-handed life, remembering which way to hold the phone for rightside-up photos) I snapped away madly.

The phone's slow shutter took its time, but did catch a few memorable shots, if I do say so myself.

By the way, if you're a thrill-seeker, Hyena Falls was the place to be for our fireworks. The ground trembled and our ears throbbed with the closeness of the pyrotechnics.

It's sort of like a ride on Voyage – you know you're safe, but it sure messes with your mind.

Meanwhile, Nathan had the good camera up on top of ZOOMbabwe, grabbing some cool wide shots.

Fireworks over Holiday World

Giraffica's tower and Voyage's lift hill are each about 165 feet tall. These fireworks go halfway to heaven …

Fireworks over Bakuli

But I must say my favorite photo was tweeted later that night by a dad, who said it was okay to use this darling shot of his daughter, Seven, with her two best friends.

Holiday and Kitty Claws with a little friend

Thanks to everyone who spent America's birthday with us. Many happy returns of the day to us all.

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