By Paula @ Holiday World

It's so nice to see the many families who are happily employed at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

Most of the time, it's siblings and maybe some cousins, Sometimes there's a mom or dad, too.

And once in a while, we see three generations.

For example:

Three generations

From left, this is Ray, his daughter Kylee, and Ray's dad, Loren (who is Kylee's grandpa, of course).

Usually, you'll catch Kylee in Entertainment, but sometimes she joins her dad and grandfather in the Grounds department.

Kylee's sister (who is, of course, Ray's daughter and Loren's granddaughter) Kelsey works here, too.

Happily, they don't run into each other all that much, though – since Kelsey's an EMT here in our First Aid department.


Kelsey knows you can't get blood out of a turnip …

… or a heartbeat out of a bronze rhinoceros. But it was fun trying.

Kelsey and the rhino

Thanks to all of our Hosts & Hostesses who've made this summer special for so many visiting families. We’re not done yet!

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