By Paula @ Holiday World

It's that time of the year when we see and hear that question many times each day: "What's new for next year?"

We smile politely and reply, "Sorry, I don't know" (if indeed we don't) or "Sorry, we haven't announced that yet."

I've stopped adding, "Thank you for your patience" because, well, no one is all that patient and thanking them for it seems to rub it in even more.

So what is new for next year? We'll let you know next month.

Can't tell you the exact date we're spilling the news, though, because that in and of itself would be a very strong hint.

And so we wait.

Something we can let you know about, though, is that we have a new option for folks who like to visit over and over. And over again.

Summer Fun CardWe're calling it the Summer Fun Card.

In a nutshell, the Summer Fun Card is a visit-every-day-but-Saturday card that expires after Labor Day.

So, if you have a Summer Fun Card, you can visit all the days we're open to the publc – except for Saturdays – from opening day in May through Labor Day Monday.

Season Passes, on the other hand, still include all the days we're open to the public from May through October. Plus Season Pass holders receive a 10% discount on food and merchandise purchases. We'll have a few other perks to announce to Season Pass holders in the coming months.

The best time to buy is now through October 27, 2013, when the savings are greatest. (Current prices reflect a $50 savings for each General Admission Summer Fun Card or Season Pass and $40 off each Guests-under-54" or Senior/60+ Summer Fun Card or Season Pass.)

2014 Season Pass

The deepest discounts are available online and at Season Pass Sales at our Front Gate when the park is open on weekends through October 27, 2013.


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