By Paula @ Holiday World

Growing up, Mom called us "itchy britches" when we kept asking her the same question.

"Are we there yet?" was only the beginning …

To help calm (or perhaps fuel) the curiosity about 2014, we will – beginning today – post a daily HoliHint here on the HoliBlog.

We've already divulged that our "what's new" for 2014 will be revealed during September, and that we can't (or, actually, won't) tell you the date ahead of time, because that would probably give it away. (Thanks a lot, Google!)

Today's HoliHint: In 2014, there will not be an increase in ticket prices.

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One Response to “A HoliHint countdown”

  1. Doug

    hmm… Mayflower day is September 16th. The Mayflower departed England 9/16/1620 (Sept. 6th on the old Julian calendar). There are only three rides in the Thanksgiving section now that Pilgram’s Plunge has been renamed Giraffica. Maybe something new is coming to that area.