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3 Responses to “Today’s HoliHint”

  1. Nola Davis

    I am so happy to see a new ride that is not water related or a coaster. I think the park needs more rides like this. I would love to see a large ferris wheel, trabant or bobsled rides. They would make great additions to the Christmas and 4th of July sections

  2. Tom Keener

    The Mayflower is an excellent addition to Holiday World. In my opinion the swinging ship is one of the best rides available. Will the Mayflower load and unload from the same side as indicated in the video? I realize that an animation may not be correct in every detail. Make sure the operators learn the cup of water trick.

  3. Joe

    So, what does the future of Girraffica hold? I hear that it may be dismantled and sold to another park. I hope you get it fixed. My family and i love this ride.